The Hermit, Prince and a diamond called Happiness

January 2, 2016

I can feel it. I can. For some paradoxical reason I feel it most acutely when I have to be around people…..I say have to be, only because my default position these days is I much prefer to be alone all by myself.

I much prefer the solitary embrace of living all by myself in the plantation. I especially like my daily rituals of preparing my gourmet coffee and playing with my dogs early in the morning. I much prefer the litany of fixing a laterite road or building a stone bridge with my bare hands – I proceed slowly, but I never seem ever want to slacken and break the happy rhythm of my pace…not even when the sun beats down harshly….why have I become like this?

Why do I feel suddenly a pull that turns me from the world? Why?

At first I was afraid of this murmuring call that came from the deep darkness of well within me. I tried to silence these voices in my head many times by making frequent visits to the city, but this only heightened my sense of estrangement from the world…..sharpening that inner voice that called from deep within and one day when I said to myself – I shall allow it to pass thru me like the wind, let it curl around my legs and arms like a vine….let it even leave a faint residue of whence it came from….to give all of my being to this strange and inexplicable call till it permeates and becomes the very essence who I am…..then and only then, did the voices in my head stop and grow so very silent…I am finally alone.

Till today I do not know what is this…..or even why it should come to me. I simply do not know at all.


‘There is an old caravan story that is recounted time and again in the Sahara when men after a hearty meal gather around the embers against the backdrop of a magnificent star filled night – it is the story of a prince from a distance land who once gave a princess his most valuable possession. A great diamond of unsurpassable beauty, the size of a plum.

But as soon as this gift of absolution was passed to the hands of the princess, she sensed the great immensity of it’s weight and could not hold on to it only for it to slip out of her fingers and smash into a million shards – and that is why the heavens today are filled with so many sparkling stars of diamonds.

This is a very powerful allegory that can interpreted at so many levels of consciousness to carry with it so many morals and lessons about life – to me, the diamond represents all the prince’s worldly hopes and aspirations to be happy – it is his ambrosia of unalloyed desire as a man. But since there is no way for any woman, not even a princess or for that matter an Olympic weight lifter to support such a heavy worldly weight – it can only end in tragedy and slip away from one’s hand and smash into smithereens – that is another way of saying, no one can ever give you happiness except you and it doesn’t pay to place this burden in the hands of another – as even should that person who you give it to loves you with all his or her heart and wants nothing except to make you the happiest person in the world. He or she can never make you happy. As that person is NOT you! – to expect that is to impose upon another an impossible task…that is why the diamond can only slip out of the hand and fall.

As true and lasting happiness can only come from deep within is neither reasonable nor realistic to expect others, not even those who love you dearly and want nothing but the very best for you to supply this thing called happiness – it will never come that way. Never! Only you can find this river of happiness that flows from within you and follow it till you reach the seat of that perfect diamond the size of a plum in yout heart.

And when you find it, it is not possession as much as it is about appreciation….so how can your happiness be put in the hands of another person?

If we truly want happiness…we must seek it from deep within and never look for it outwards or in others.

At times, we must still ourselves and listen to this voice and not be too bothered about what people may say and think about us – as only we know best. As only we are the true possessors of this diamond…it’s true custodian and not others….if we cannot find happiness within us. Then it is impossible to find it anywhere else in this world….and even should you come across it during a holiday that manages to spirit you away from your averagely miserable life to make you happy for a while…it is only a form of escapism. Or worst still like the foolish expect it from another, even someone who you consider your dream soul mate….it can only end in sadness and tragedy as this person cannot possibly hold on to such a thing without it slipping from their hands and when that happens…the sum of all your hopes and aspirations can only drop and smash into a million shards of light.’

True happiness can only come from deep within you…nowhere else.’

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