The hollow man

January 2, 2016

Do not regard this term, the hollow man or person as an indictment of your character. Do not take it personally. As each and everyone of us, even myself was once and at times can still be a hollow man. The moment we step into this world – we are systematically hollowed out by the mind dumbing superficiality of the world. Because the world by default encourages this sort of vapid mentality – it is not a very conducive domain where a man or woman can grow holistically, sustainably or even spirituality.

Why is not important – it is, what it is!

This is why mega churches, self help books and false prophets of all known and unknown varieties exist and continue to proliferate – they thrive simply on the economic sun of demand and supply. Because people feel hollow within, it’s perfectly natural for them to search for meaning to fill the void in their lives….some turn to religion…others by placing all their hopes and aspirations in their jobs…..then there are those who believe the answer lies in loving someone and being loved in return etc etc etc.

You see it all the time, hollow people desperately trying to fill the empty spaces in their lives…..observe carefully all around you….you will see it! If they want to fill the emptiness that they are better than you. They will put you down. If they want to fill the emptiness they are happier and doing better than you, they will adorn themselves with paper mâché impressions – they are doing better than you….and this knowledge that I have just shared, will give you the insight….so observe!

The first crucial step BEFORE filling up yourself with thoughtware is to first recognize and accept if possible without judgement – the notion: it’s very natural for ALL human beings to be assaulted by feelings of hollowness.

We all hollow people!


‘Let me be perfectly frank. Appearances can often be deceptive and misleading. A man can look whole and complete from the outside. But that is only a necessary lie to get by in life…..nothing wrong with that. I am the first to admit….I wear a mask. So do you! So does everyone else in this world!

Those who insist they don’t wear a mask when they step out into the world are all liars!

Worst of all they don’t even realize they have mind trapped themselves! As not only are they unaware of this reality. But because they are marinating all of themselves within an elaborate lie where they actually believe they are whole and complete, when in fact, all they really can amount to is a mass of nervous energy that is always bubbling from one state of mind to another….flipping from happiness to sadness…confident to being not so sure….assured and suddenly feeling anxious….resting and restlessness etc etc etc.

It is what it is – that is why I say….again…and again – the first thing to do BEFORE filling up yourself with good and wholesome things is to strive very hard to see yourself honestly as to who you really are and if possible learn to come to terms with this reality.

Trust me….most people never get past level 1! They don’t. It took me years to accomplish this one feat living in complete isolation in the jungle.

So be kind to yourself….proceed slowly…one step at a time.

You see….you will not like what you see in this phantom mirror.

Only remember this – it is not an indictment of one’s character. I am not pointing a finger at you and saying you are not as good as me! How can that be! When in the very beginning of this blog entry….I myself have started it by admitting that I am a hollow man as well!

The proof is in the tasting of the pudding – you want a litmus test of how hollow you are? It’s very simple. When someone says or writes something about you that rubs you the wrong way. Do you notice, you become very anxious….suddenly, you are filled with a deep compulsion to respond….react and set right that perceived wrong or falsity or whatever. Why? Because you are hollow like a man flaying his arms in the wide open sea trying his best to cling to something just to stay afloat.

The real tragedy is most hollow people end up clinging to a phoney ideal that provides them with grand illusion they floating when they are submerging…as it’s weighing them down. Wonder no more why there are so many hollow people who continue to put their faith in con men en masse who always ask them to give money….do you notice it’s money all the time! Or end up cannibalizing so much of who they are really meant to be just to fit in and be liked.

But tell me – how is it possible to hold on to nothingness and be strong, self assured and yet not just floating, but proceeding to your next way point in life?

That’s not possible! If a ship has no anchor, it cannot hold it’s position – it will be taken by the ebb and flow of the tide….and that is what hollowness implies – the emptiness of a core that resides deep inside you. And when a person is hollow, he or she can only depend on others for strength…confidence…and a sense of belonging, so you are always sensitive to what people are saying about you. You are always very touchy when you believe they are thinking unflattering things about you. You are always looking outwards for the approval of others to slake your unquenchable thirst for validation. As a result you run here and there, always trying your very best to aspire to be respectable, you are always putting up a front that you are more successful….you know it all and you see the world clearer than anyone else…but that true….as I said, how can something emerge from the nothingness of hollowness.

This to be is hara kiri at so many levels of suicide – you will end up doing stupid things like give away ten percent of your salary to a cheap con man…end up running away with a man who has managed to convinced you…love is all you need….love will always find a way. Or worse still end up mixing in the tavern drinking tiger beer with other hollow men, while they busy themselves with the whole idea of manufacturing their life of illusions.

Notice if you will my perceptive reader – I have spent a lot of time on describing this state I refer to as the hollow person….I have not even written one word about how to fill this hollow person with a core yet. And that is why you should start looking inside yourself…..and not outside.

Only a few days ago. When I was sitting down for coffee in the city with a few plantation ladies. One of them whipped out her cheque book and asked – how do I make a donation to you? Do you have a foundation? A book that I can buy? I told this wide eyed woman – I do not mean any disrespect…I am not scolding….I am not judging any of you….then I turned to all of them and asked – do you see any icons on my blog where you can click and donate? Coming to think of it, do you even see anything at all besides my writings and my diary videos? You will see nothingness – no adverts, no devices for sale like how to make your cock grow two extra inches, no funny creams to increase your airport breast to a D cup size. You will find nothing at all except the bareness of what I have to write, because when one is soliciting, one is appealing, or even trying to influence another – it simply demonstrates how self-conscious one is – how hollow one may be….

The paradox is I write for only myself and no one else and certainly not to impress or to monetize….if I really wanted to do that, trust me I will get more mileage out of selling coconut ice cream in Bedok Bus interchange on a hot day!

I went on to tell this lady…to put it another way – You don’t know who you really are! If you have a core deep inside you….a real one where you go knock knock whose there….a clear voice will answer…Me! You wouldn’t have whipped out your cheque book to try to impress me with your power and influence….then there would be absolutely no need for all this nonsense. Then you will not be worried what may others say, think or even plan to do to you – let me give you another example, not too long ago an egomaniac businessmen, told me in quite certain terms – he would harry me no end and make me a bankrupt because I refuse to retract my statement his business plan is a kamikaze business model….I told this fellow….even if I am bankrupted…so what? Is the CIA and Mossad looking high and low for me? Do I have to go to bed every night fearing that men with no necks will rappel down helicopters armed with semi autos to put me in a body bag?

One is calm and collected – the mind is still like a mirrored lake – but do not be fooled as only still waters run deep and can do all this. As since you are seated in the center of your core looking out at the affairs of world and never seeking answers from meaningless things and people….how can you not be part of life instead of being gamed by it.

So I told this egomaniac fucker to go fuck himself lah!

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