Morning Ritual

January 5, 2016

Wake up a full hour earlier than everyone else….never…never try to get out of the house as fast as possible. If you do that, your whole day will be a maddening rush, rush and rush.

Try to understand this is a spiritual exercise BEFORE the day starts….it’s like weaving a spell that will last the whole day.

Devote yourself to a daily ritual before you step out into the world. One that will instill calmness, stillness and composure…doesn’t have to complicated or even learnt like sitting crossed legged or doing head stands. All that is optional. Could well be eating your breakfast as slowly as you humanly can. Or reading the morning papers without rushing thru it, walking the dog or just wandering aimlessly around the garden to tend to the trees.

Once this daily habit becomes an integral part of your morning routine – you will discover something miraculous – calmness and stillness will follow you thru out the day….no matter how stressful. Or how many assholes you met. You will be able to remain calm and still like that sanctuary of serenity deep in the eye of a swirling storm.

Because you have set your preferred rhythm of how you want to go thru the day. Absolutely nothing can shake or push you off balance once you have done this – you can only be very calm and composed thru out the whole day.


‘If you allow the world to set your rhythm of how to work, live, play, eat, love or anything – you will be truly spit roasted fucked. I kid you not! As you will end up doing really stupid things like eat chicken rice out of a styrofoam box on the go while SMSing at the same time. Or end up so stressed out, spent and exhausted that you will NEVER ever be effective.

All you are doing is driving yourself full speed right to the very bottom of the pit!

Take it from me – calmness is strategic – calmness is tactical – as when you are able to remain calm, still and composed in the face of any challenge….you can only be very deadly and effective.

The first rule of being effective is to be able to proceed in this mad world under your own terms and this FIRST requires you to set your cadence, timing and rhythm as to how to you want to approach the many challenges you will face thru out a working day….doesn’t matter whether it is work, play or just managing yourself and your other half when she is SMSing you stuff like she want to poison you etc etc.

If you cannot or do not see the wisdom of setting the pace – other crazy people will come along and turn the dial for you. You cannot blame them! As you were lazy and did not see the strategic and tactical value of calmness and stillness – when this happens, you will always be a follower to the maddening drum beat of the world….crazy people will just come along and spirit you away with their own rhythm and soon you too will be sucked into their gyre of nervous energy that can only exhaust you and grind you to pulp.

But if you have bothered yourself with setting the rhythm in which you want to approach things…others will simply have to follow your pace. They have no choice….as calmness and stillness is a superior state of mind when compared to running around as if your hair is on fire. The former is proactive and the latter is reactive.

So a superior culture and better way of thinking and acting will always prevail over an inferior and pariah dog method of doing things – this is why when an agitated, anxious and nervous person is engaged with a calm and still mind – the former will calm down and eventually follow the rhythm of the latter.

The superior culture always wins over the inferior thoughtware….this is axiomatic!

Do this! Just this alone and you will find that you will be a calmer and stiller person – I used think the best way to save people and planet and yet be effective is to shout as loud as possible, to even sharpen my arguments like arrow heads so that I will be able to win all the time…..but these days I am not so sure that was right way to win any longer!

As if we genuinely want to make the world a better place… being able to manage ourselves and others effectively where they will always respect and give us the courtesy of good light to bear out what we have to say – then, that goodness, wholeness and completeness has to first begin from deep within us and only then can the healing calmness and stillness go beyond into the world to change things.

But if all we are doing is diffusing nervous energy throughout a day like headless chickens running in circles and trying to do ten things simultaneously, then although we may say to ourselves it was indeed a very productive day – what’s the point?

As we never once took the trouble to stop, appreciate the view, smell the flowers and above all enjoy the journey. Then it could well be said, we have missed the whole point of life. Enjoy it! As life is very short.

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