The deception of ONLY our five senses?

January 6, 2016

There are many things that are working against Kutty, the puppy. Since Kutty hails from the city. She needs to unlearn many of her bad habits before she can learn anything new – any where else and these bad habits would just remain bad habits….but in a plantation life is cruel, this means without the benefit of training and familiarization – it’s very unlikely Kutty will even make it to her first birthday.

For instance she relies too much on her hearing. A trait common to city dogs, but in a plantation that could spell doom and lead her straight into the jaws of a predator.

As when a canine relies disproportionately on hearing and is short on seeing in the field – curiosity will get the better of her…a rustle in the fronds and that grabs her attention and off she goes to investigate….if she keeps this up, she doesn’t stand a chance in hell. As most predators are masters of camouflage and practitioners in the art of invisibility…so doesn’t develop her sight acuity and only relies on smell and hearing. She would not be able to put together a shape or form in her head to distinguish friend from foe.

In a jungle setting, your senses depending on how you use them – can either make or break you in half!

This is why the survival rate for city bred dogs is only 5% in a plantation! Most don’t even make it to their first birthday. I knew the odds when I took on a city pup like Kutty that’s why she’s always by my side and seldom left alone.

To sharpen Kutty’s sense of sight. I have tied a plastic float around her neck. This will make so much noise when she walks that her senses must shift from hearing to seeing.

This is the first baby step. Once Kutty is heavy on seeing and short on listening – then I can train her on the next level – how to spot friend and foe and respond.

To bring out the very best in a pup like Kutty one has to be very incredibly patient…so very patient and gentle.

Three years ago with another dog named Jia Jia….life is indeed cruel.


‘It has been drummed into our heads since the moment of our youth. We only have five senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. So we believe it!

But in truth, we have more than just five senses – I know this for a fact.

Just before a thunderstorm, swiftlets fly in figure eights as if they and only they can sense the microscopic alteration in humidity and barometric pressure. Or maybe they can even taste the nitrogen rich air thru their beaks – it’s hard to tell….but they seem to know.

Animals of all kinds grow restless just before an earth quake – that’s also a well known fact.

And if this is all true then it’s conceivable for man to overlooked many other less obvious senses he is born with – our power to intuit, foresight, trust, gut feel, imagine etc etc.

Are these not senses as well?

When we ask ourselves what really is the elemental difference between two people – can we not say, the only difference lies in how much each person is aware of his or her senses and how he or she might even be prepared to seek oneness with these powers to make him or her a more perceptive and responsive person?

I once walked into an art gallery in the city and saw an artistic rendition of a jungle – everyone looked at the same picture, but no one saw the mouse deer in the picture…on another occasion, a group pretentious art cognoscenti’s berated me and called me all sorts of nasty names and even insisted on my credentials when I told them all, there is a tiger in the picture….it was only much later when I traced the outline of the beast…that everyone exclaimed,

‘Oh my God, how could I have missed that!’

Closer to where I turn the wheel of life – in a nearby village I once heard of the story of a boy who everyone considered possessed by a malevolent spirit. As he had the habit of standing before palms and making munching sounds and whenever this boy makes these strange sounds, the rest of the villagers would hit him and his mother likes animals – one day a Brahmin priest asked me for my considered opinion concerning the matter – after observing this boy for a full hour. I told the entire village only this boy can tell which palm is infected with rhinoceros beetle as he is mimicking their sound as they chew the spear of the palm. Since that day, he works for the estate as a disease palm spotter and his skills are so highly sought after he is a blessing to his entire village. Today, no one dares to raise a hand or stick against this boy any longer and he is gainfully employed and enjoys a high level of respectability in the community.

Do you see how cruel people can be when they are trapped in ignorance and worst of all take false pride in their lack of imagination to see only how little they can see?

And this same blindness carries thru to the attitudes we hold as well – there are some people who come our lives, but because we lack the senses to perceive their real worth and how beautiful they are. Or what they hold out to offer us – we end up summarily dismissing them as crazies, weird and strange people….and as a consequence we end up poorer for it. As we only end up mixing with people who are exactly like us and that also means we all end up being exactly like everyone else.

But if we can develop our senses to render them keener….I believe we can see more and it’s conceivable our lives would be further enriched. As this can only open up the field of possibilities and perhaps even lead us to see the world slightly differently from the way we have always seen it.

For example some people have an uncanny sensitivity to sense human emotion – they can even register the merest suggestion of sorrow, regret, fear, anxiety and a whole range of other human emotions. This allows them to adjust their responses to put the other party at ease, to provide relief and lead them out from darkness into hope…these people gifted with the power of healing. I have even heard the Israelites actively seek out people who suffer from autism to help them decode ciphers.

Others are so desensitized to their senses they have as much emotional acuity as garden furniture – they don’t even realize by just the simple act of breathing and living, they are causing others pain, grief and suffering.

The paradox of modern living is these are the same people who regularly hold themselves out as role models and paragons of virtues that everyone considers worthy of emulation.

But that is understandable to me.

As the vast majority of humans especially city dwellers. They don’t know anything about their inner senses beyond the five which they are told exist – this I imagine could well be the reason why the city is often adorned with only stuff that appeals to our five known senses and no more.

I remember some years back ago after emerging from the jungle after a very long time – and noticing for the very first time how so many things are dressed up as eye candy to mesmerize our sense of sight. I remember walking around as if seeing the sensing the world I had previously known for the very first time. I could sense everything. Hints of floral notes piped into air con ducts and lavatories to make people feel at ease and the opposite of uncomfortable. Flavors that were artificially heightened by men in white coats concocted in test tubes to make food delicious. Even the texture of leather on chairs in cafés to make us so comfortable that we may stay slightly longer for an extra cuppa.

But what of the other senses that we may be born with and may not even be aware of – how do we nourish these powers to heighten them to good effect?

How can we harness these powers to make us better human beings, kinder, gooder and more thoughtful people – when two lovers curl their hands together, can you not say they speak the length of a sentence? But to read these proses one needs insight…otherwise it is just two hands brought together.

When a woman’s lips loosens ever so slightly and parts like moist petals, does she she not exude all the fragrance of desire? Again all these nuances will be lost, if we did not have the heightened senses to perceive this subtle change…it would just be another woman smiling at us.

And when we see suffering and it strikes us like darts only to leave a bloody trail in our hearts…do we as humans not feel the pang of regret and pain as well? Or maybe not. As to see and feel all these hemispheres of emotions, one needs to go beyond the five senses….’

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