The similarities between governments and religious con artist

January 7, 2016

Not very long ago I came across a group of kiddies who told me rather proudly – they had donated all their pocket money to some crazy man who told these kids a stranger who these kids hardly know loved them so much he once died for them in the name of eternal and everlasting love.

I asked of these children only one question – who gave you this money?

One of them answered, my father and mother. The rest nodded. That was when I paid a visit to this holey man and demanded the money these kids had donated.

I then returned this sum to the parents of these children and went on to say,

Grow up first. Get a job then you can even donate any amount you want to whatever cause. Doesn’t matter to me whether it is 10% or even 100% of your salary – that is your prerogative as a wage earner. I care even less where that donation goes….it’s good to go wherever you feel is right….even to the grand order of the planet of apes… matters naught to me…..but as long as you are still receiving money from mama and papa and staying under their roof, then they are your God and since you have not earned the right to donate anything yet. Then you must only use this money to eat well and grow strong in body and mind.

After that day the holey man went around village to village telling everyone I am the devil reincarnate.

But what the fuck do I care?


‘Governments only want robots, not human beings, because human beings can think and let us be honest people who can think well can connect the dots and eventually become dangerous to governments – the same theory of engineering consent en masse applies to con men who claim they and only they alone can speak directly to God as well – the last thing they ever want is an empowered congregation that can think…..all they want is sheep that way it’s possible to create the conditions to always suspend disbelief – this way, both governments and religious charlatans can perpetuate their class politics and preserve the status quo ante.

This is reality…the way I see it at least! Now you know why I never get too close to either of them. The relationship is always arms length….strictly need to see basis only!

This is why ALL governments and religious organizations seek always to control what goes into your mind – they are not coy about it either. They will tell you what is kosher, what is normal, what is acceptable, what is good and bad and so on and so forth and they will keep telling you to a point where you may even feel the need to put your hand up for urination breaks!

Only be mindful, if you listen to them without thinking….you can only become just like everyone else.

That is why when governments speak about innovation and creativity, it will always resemble a sort of caricature to me like a bald man trying to sell hair care products. I never take them seriously – as they have consistently demonstrated a failure of imagination to understand that to nurture a creative based society – first requires respecting the whole idea of individuality.

Say what you like of the West…they are decadent…they are constantly mired by the hubris of endless divisions brought forth by free speech and there are many thing in their social, cultural and political system that is riven with endless contradictions that may even all implode one day and cause their demise….but you cannot certainly deny, the West is a truly innovative and creative society.

Only the West has been able to continually maintain it’s intellectual primacy by consistently being able to yield the highest patent per capita.

They are also sublimely clever when it comes to creating value in virtually every aspect of life ranging from entertainment to designing rockets that can travel all the way to Mars.

That is why whenever I hear Asian leaders in both the public and private shpere talking dismissively about the West along with their disdain and suspicion for all things Western. To me these are super duper idiots – as they all resemble a bunch of cavemen living in a sort of deluded parallel universe as they turn to one another and wax lyrical ‘we are the masters of the universe’ not realizing they are facing off against a well disciplined battle hardened Roman legion.

You are so bloody owned by the West your ass is in shreds! And you don’t even realize it!

WHY?….because they fail to see the strategic value of creativity and innovation and worst all they do not have the imagination to harness this transformational power to better people and planet.

They cannot – because people who respect individuals can harness this power…only people who don’t feel threatened by diversity can step out of their parochial, insular and provincial small minded thinking can see the bigger picture….only people who don’t expect everyone to be the same as everyone else can weaponized brain power….only those who can manage conflict intelligently to even agree to disagree in a civilized manner and learn to live and let live instead of resorting to the cattle prop and fear can transform brain power into a wonder weapon. This way what unites them will always be stronger than what threatens to divide them…this is what makes the West great!

That is reality! This is also why Asia will continue to lag behind as well! That also is reality!

This is why the white man will always run circles around us Asians!

Why? Because we Asians cannot come to terms with this simple reality – you cannot have the blessing without the curse when one talks about the whole idea of a society that is driven by creativity and innovation – that is not possible.

That is to say, if you want to control everything including what goes into the mind of people – then it’s not realistic to expect a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even a George Lucas to emerge from the ranks of automatons and robots. Learn to live with your lot! The North Koreans have proven empirically this can be accomplished!

Accept it!

Worst of all we Asians have no faith in the idea good will prevail over evil when things are left alone to grow organically….we always have to control this and that….be mindful of this and that….it’s like the people who like to say Singapore is a small country so it is neither reasonable nor realistic to expect a nation with no critical intellectual mass to leverage on innovation and creativity – but if that is the case how does one go on to supply an explanation how Sweden a small country with a smaller population seems to be able to garner the highest patent per capita in the whole world?

Understand this! I am not talking about how many cohorts managed to score a double first in Yale or Cambridge….I am talking about the intellectual fire power to create competitive advantage thru innovation and creativity.

Where is it written critical mass requires anything in the way of numerical superiority, land mass or such a thing as a hinterland. That is old thinking….circa Adam Smith, it is museum thoughtware – if that were really true then Stuttgart with just a light weight population of about 600 thousand could never be the HQ of Mercedes Benz. That would be impossible. Neither can Munich with a population of about 1.2 million support BMW or for that matter assert itself as a cultural center of arts in the EU. That would not be possible either.

Then it would be impossible for you to go down with your family to Ikea during the weekend for a meal of Swedish meatballs or buy a nice rug as there is only 800,000 people that make up Sweden. No Swiss chocolates either. Forget the ubiquitous swiss knife or the complication of intercontinental banking as well. As Zurich only has a population of less than 400,000.

So don’t talk nonsense to me!

As you can see, it’s not entirely true to say that a constrain necessarily hobbles you down….that is only true at one level of intelligence!

As by leveraging specifically on a creative and innovative social base it is possible to create value where none existed before. This is not a new story, it’s been around since the dawn of mankind – what confounds me most is how so very little has been directed to this one area to create sustainable competitive advantage for Singapore.

Instead we seem to only have leaders who seem to destroy the value chain – and I will speak plainly in this regard – for example I have always believed it was a catastrophic disaster for Philip Yeo to wake out one day and proclaim like the Aga Khan, Singapore has no agriculture…only to shift the focus elsewhere. As I can argue, the core competencies needed to support commercial farming does not reside in the availability of land. Rather it is in the know how – if what Philip Yeo mentioned were really true, then all the corn and wheat grown commercially by ADM and Cargill would be farmed in only the US. But as it is for every metric ton of wheat that Americans consume, only less than 20% comes from the US. As for corn the it’s somewhere only around 30%. The rest comes from South America, Africa and all round the world.

Had these competencies been recognized as strategic and nurtured. Instead of being eviscerated and systematically driven out of the Singapore psyche…I have no doubt Singapore would be a regional if not a world leader in agriculture today. Our sphere influence would stretch from the cape of good in hope in Africa all the way up to Egypt and turn sharply left to the Ukraine and take a sharp dive to down the Andaman sea to the Indonesia archipelago….there will be no such thing as the haze…because it will be run by Singaporeans.

Do you see how the field of possibilities can close with a closed mind?

So as you can see…’s complicated whenever we speak about thinking and governments and religion…so very complicated and messy….at times I feel it’s best to just hold my tongue and if possible pretend to be dumb…which unfortunately, isn’t too hard to do these days.’

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