Train, train and train

January 10, 2016

There is something underneath the frond stack inside the parameter fence….could be a snake, monitor lizard, rodent or even an assassin out to do me on a lazy Sunday.

This is a drill all my dogs know by heart.

The rules of the game are simple. Make as much noise to disorientate, confuse and cause pandemonium to flush out the intruder, so that the big dog at the far right can take it down when it bolts out into the open.

Everyone knows the drill…everyone knows their positions ….they all know what they and others are supposed to do…they have all trained hundreds of times for this and on practically every single occasion the outcome is exactly same…the intruder gets disorientated, panics and bolts into the open and it’s surgically taken down by the big dog….it’s the old classic one, two and three….you down for the count!

But this is Kutty’s first time. She is the one wearing the bright green float running all over the place and sticking her nose into everywhere. She’s still seems to be relying only on her dominant sense, smell which means she will stick her whole head into the pile…this is a big no-no in this exercise. As all she is really doing is painting a big bullseye on her forehead….while the more experienced sweepers are relying only on their power of sight and busying themselves with creating as much noise as possible to flush out the intruder…..I can tell the rest of the dogs are getting awfully frustrated with Kutty. As they keep giving her a ‘WTF are you doing’ look all the time. As not only does she not seem to know the rules how to play this game. But Kutty is also ruining the rhythm of the entire pack along with throwing their game.

As for the big dog, he’s like one of those battle hardened centurions, he knows from just watching Kutty – this is going to be a giant waste of a good Sunday and has decided to wander off to take a nap instead….I don’t blame him.

Kutty has a lot to learn….and she doesn’t have much time…if she can’t cut the grade by the end of next month….I may have to drive her back to the city.


‘Singaporeans are soft targets for criminals whenever they venture out abroad for business or pleasure or both. To a degree that’s a function of the effectiveness and efficiency of the security services in Singapore – the police and clandestine services in Singapore are basically a no nonsense outfit who take their job very seriously and that means Singapore can really only be a very safe place to work, live and play.

As a consequence most Singaporeans see no need to switch on their radars and dial it to ultra sensitive mode. It’s so safe, many even stand down their situational awareness to zero or it’s permanently on stand by mode. As they literally take their safety and well being for granted. That’s only natural…and it’s really a function of conditioning.

I can understand.

But that is also precisely why when Singaporeans venture out into business abroad con men and trickster like to prey on them – and whenever, they are holidaying, criminals see them as easy meat.

And that is precisely why as well, Singaporeans need a paradigm shift in the way they traditionally perceive and respond to threats. The case is especially urgent in this age of cross border terrorism – as the threats are real and hardly imagine – people can’t just go about work, life and play with a bochap (ambivalent) attitude where they outsource everything to the security services. That’s not efficient. Neither is it realistic. They need to cultivate a sharp edge when it comes to certain scenarios like bags being left in public places along with get up to speed on a whole range of skill sets. If you don’t take this serious….they’re really just asking for it.

The way I see it, it’s not whether, but rather a case of WHEN and WHERE evil people will strike….and when they do, one needs to be able to bring them down without fumbling with the basics, where the gold standard is one shot, one kill lah! TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! ALL THE TIME…EVERYTIME. Anything less than this is no bloody good! After putting them in a NTUC plastic bag, then only go to the UN.

To accomplish that sort of cutting edge preparedness, one needs to train, train and train as realistically as possible. There is no other way.’

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