The Bomoh who lost his mojo?

January 12, 2016

Late last afternoon during the hour of the cow – the bomoh (village shaman) paid me a visit. As soon as he laid eyes on me. The bomoh revealed to me in a tone of profound sadness, he had lost all his magical powers. I asked him how can you be so sure. He said, he knows…as he can feel it…..he read the signs….they have left him.

In the past, when his magical powers were at their height, he could weave spells to walk on water. His link to the supernatural was so strong then, he could even walk effortlessly through walls.

After a long pause….I told the bomoh…..don’t worry, you have not lost anything that cannot be replaced with something much better….he was surprised….that was when I shared with him my perspective on the matter…..why would anyone want to learn how to walk on water if he can just take the ferry….why would anyone want to walk through walls if they can do the same by walking thru a door?

So tell me why are you crying over the lost of all these nonsense?


‘Mankind is really like a wide eyed kid with a crisp $50 note in an amusement park….he is always hopping on rides….he is always chasing thrills. Always running from himself. Only a few months ago, I came across a girl who told me in a frantic tone, I must go to Paris….I must go to Paris. I asked her why is there a rush to see the world? I then asked of her is the Eiffel Tower rusting away? Is the leaning tower Pisa, leaning too far that it may collapse like new world hotel? Is King Kong going to climb and destroy the Empire State Building? Has the state of Nevada declared that the Grand Canyon is just a giant sink hole and decided to gazette it as a landfill?

So tell me what is the rush? Why do you need to be so kun cheong (five chili anxious) to take in everything in at such a short span of time? Why don’t you save your money and put it to good use instead of just spending it as if you will always have a good job? After all Paris…Milan and New York is going nowhere…it will always be there.

Besides even should you be able to stand before these beautiful sights and sounds – they will all be meaningless to you. As to truly appreciate a thing for what it is requires one to first know more of the oneself and the way of the world…so why the rush to take it all in one bite?

After all even should you stand before the most beautiful fresco in Italy where Michelangelo once painted the ceiling….as since you have not lived your life and experienced the entire range of experiential hemispheres life can offer you…it would really just be a giant comic book to you.

So you fly here, there and everywhere….you take a lot of colorful pictures…you post it online and tell everyone, I have been here like Kilroy. But tell me what is the whole point of it?

You see, but yet you are blind….you are right there, but you are also nowhere…you can touch, but you cannot feel. As you have not visited the most needful and most important place of all – yourself. So tell me what are you trying to prove?

I then went on to share with this girl who wants to go everywhere, why don’t you dedicate yourself first to seeking financial liberty. Don’t you think it is strange that so many people online are screaming for freedom of this and that, but the irony is they don’t mind going on holiday on a shoe string budget staying in the YMCA and grubbing on sandwiches….isn’t that freedom denied? Start saving money when you are young. Invest it wisely so that your nest egg multiplies and pays out handsome dividends. Go and buy property. Dedicate yourself to something meaningful, could be pottery or even painting, dancing or singing, that way, at least you have begun in earnest, the journey inwards into yourself….which is the first place you should first visit and see…otherwise it will just be a great nothingness and if you take the trouble to observe carefully – there are many many people doing just that, chasing nothingness…dedicating themselves to nonsense…what are you trying to prove?’

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