The return of Boonyi

January 12, 2016

At mid day. One of my harvesters informed me in the field. A giant eagle was seen circling my birdhouse in the plantation and shrieking loudly – all the dogs were barking like crazy as at times this eagle would swoop low as if it was searching for something or someone….when I went to investigate…it turned to be Boonyi. She has returned after a two and half years absence. The giant spinster eagle.

I am very happy to see Boonyi again. As since she is an unusually large female bird, most male eagles shy away from her – so for many years, it was so very difficult for Boonyi to pair up with a mate. But from what I can make out this time…she seems to have a boyfriend.

Boonyi is one of my first wild pets I raised from a little chick no larger than a tennis ball – her mother threw her out from the nest. I caught her in mid air. Sometimes nature is like that. So I became her surrogate mother and fashioned an artificial bird head with a sock and beak out of plastic bottle cut outs to feed her.

Three years later after Boonyi had grown up. She was still hanging around my plantation. One day she was blown right out of the sky by a hunter who bore a grudge against me (you can see the video of me pulling out the shot gun pellets.) – fortunately, she had the common sense to crash land nearby my house which allowed me to promptly patch her up and in no time she was up and running again.

Since them I have not seen Boonyi for over two years – so to be reunited with the giant eagle again fills my heart with joy.

But this is also a bitter sweet moment. As Boonyi’s return presages the coming of bleak days…it is not a good sign – eagles are like elephants…when they sense danger…they will always run back home as fast as their legs and wings can take them.

I know Boonyi is afraid of something….I can tell by the way she dips her wings jerkily when she circles high above. I even know what it is. Only yesterday a Tamil boy from a nearby plantation insisted he saw elephants. Naturally most of the villagers dismissed him as an idiot. As elephants have not been seen here for decades. But I know this to be true – as I have seen elephant tracks along the riverbank as well just the other day.

Why are the elephants coming down from the mountains?

Something evil comes this way….I sense Mother Nature curling her fingers to make a claw so very slowly as she readies herself to strike… is so strange to feel happiness and sadness all at the very same time.

My god it’s so bloody hot these days!

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