The Phantom Mirror

January 15, 2016

The image that you are likely see reflected from the phantom mirror of yourself will not always be a handsome or beautiful person – very often it is an image of those who we may secretly despise, hate and even loath.

But if a person can bear the ugliness and miserableness of this unflattering image long enough – he might. He just might be able to come to terms with WHO he really is and not what others think or say he is – this is really the skeleton key that allows this man or woman to open the door to real and meaningful opportunities for bull shit free self improvement.

However if all that we can do thru out life is to turn away from this mirror which reflects the truth at every turn and opportunity – one can never come to terms with reality…without reality as a bedrock in one’s life, it is impossible for a person’s mind to grow strong….it can only weaken thru the chastening passage of time and even if one seems to making progress….it is really just like a car driving at full speed off a cliff.

Choose reality over a life of lies….this is NOT optional!


‘The hardest thing for any man to do in his life time is to come to terms with his uglier and darker side…..and I see this from time to time in the corridors of power…men who will declared in a righteous and sanctimonious tone, ‘if I did not do this or that…then it would be far worse.’

These men are always justifying their acts and omissions under the name of the common good….but by indulging in this ego stroking exercise where they keep telling themselves and others….I am correct…I did what was painful, but necessary…it’s not as if they gave me a choice…..all they are really doing is devising yet another clever way to avoid the reality reflected from the phantom mirror…it’s just another clever way to run away from the truth.

That is why very often it is almost impossible for these people to change their ways, methods and thinking….it’s impossible. That is why to me the truth is not merely optional, if the imperative is to live a meaningful life…it is a matter of strategic precondition.

Once people develop this habit of running away from the truth all the time – by embellishing, mythologizing and exaggerating the reasons why they do the things they do – their point of view is set in concrete…it’s hard and implacable…the opposite of fluid and open.

These are very dangerous people. Not only to others….but to themselves as well. As when a man can lie to himself again and again at some point, even the truth will have to say, ‘I am so sorry, but I have to go now!’

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