The man who prays one millions times a day

January 16, 2016

Not very long ago a man who claims to pray one million times a day came to me and exclaimed, ‘that infidel is insulting my religion again.’

So I look questioningly at this man who claims to pray one million times a day and in a while…he went on to elaborate further.

‘He says he doesn’t believe in God and that is the highest insult to my faith… he is saying there is nothingness!’

That was when I asked the man who claims to pray one million times a day, ‘did he really say, he believes in nothing…’

The man intoned surprisingly, ‘No! He didn’t say ‘nothing’ specifically….but if he doesn’t believe in the idea of the creator….then isn’t that as good as believing in nothing?’

The question hung for a very long time as I feigned disinterest, then as if wishing the man who claims to pray one million times a day, bye bye. I told him.

‘Maybe when he says, I don’t believe in a creator. He is not saying, he doesn’t believe in anything. Just maybe he believes there is something more significant than the idea of a creator?’


‘It seems mankind cannot live without illusions – the idea of mankind clinging to illusions to render his otherwise unbearable life bearable is not unlike Linus’s curious attachment to his blanket in the comic strip Charlie Brown….this is not an ordinary blanket….not to Linus…to him it is a magic blanket.

So it falls into the same category of necessaries like oxygen, water and food….without this ‘magical’ blanket, Linus will die!

Even if this blanket is momentarily detached from Linus…he will go into a mental tail spin!

So wherever Linus goes…the blanket must follow as well…it is like Velcro.

For mankind today, the equivalent of Linus’s security blanket is irrational faith in progress….this is the only way to describe it.

And the only reason why I have seen fit to use the term ‘irrational’ is because this whole idea of religion has become so encrusted with so many supposed cures for our sick society – that faith is often marketed as the only effective antidote to cure everything ranging from poverty to nihilism.

Without the security blanket of hope i.e tomorrow will be better than today, life would simply be impossible for the vast majority of humans.

Paradoxically this is what many deluded people consider to be emancipation and freedom. When in truth they are sinking deeper into the quicksand of hubris.

As by clinging steadfastly to the dogma of their religion that gives them hope. All they are doing is imprisoning their minds. It’s the same with politicians, those who belong to the right, middle and left are just clever peddlers of the same security blanket mantra – tomorrow will be better than today.

And if for some reason we are not wholly convinced by the dazzle of post modernist religion. Or consider politicians as untrustworthy . Then the skeptics amongst us can always worship science and technology as mankind’s deliverer.

You see in this crazy age that we live in – there are security blankets for every category of mankind…you can have it in any color…short, medium or tall….high to low thread count…natural of microfiber also can – but this hardly requires any elaboration to the perceptive reader, because only he or she has noticed the glaring contradiction in this blog entry….the unexplainable which is simply this – no one actually says, you can go through life meaningfully without a security blanket!

That….I have always considered as the ultimate paradox of mankind.’

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