January 17, 2016

‘The discovery of petroleum and the ease in which it can be utilized to manufacture endless products to power national, regional and global economies was the biggest mistake of mankind.

As since mankind is by nature a very unimaginative and stupid creature who always only prefers to take the path of least intellectual resistance – so once he discovers how easy is it to drill a hole and tap a commodity that comes right out of the ground magically to commoditize and power his economic aspiration – naturally, he wants to live only this easy street way and no other ways……that’s OK, if the price of oil continues to hold it’s value.

But once oil loses it’s value and becomes a bane instead of boon…once it is transformed into a liability instead of a blessing…then this foolish creature called man can only flounder and run like a headless chicken here and everywhere asking – what else can I find to make do….that’s when all hell breaks lose!

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