Rest & the year of one thousand angry men

January 19, 2016

2016 has to be….the year of the one thousand angry men…it has to be.

That’s to say nothing is going to pan out like it did last year or for that matter every year that came and said bye bye, since you were born into this planet….2016 is different from all years!

Other years might perhaps have been only the fifty or at most two hundred angry men years….but nothing…absolutely nothing will ever come close to this year….2016…as this is the year when there are three perfect zeroes!

This is the year when nothing is going down the way it’s supposed too – at the top of the angry men list, must be the oil and gas folk.

I bet they are all so fucking angry hot steam is shooting right out from their ass, ears and nostrils – they are so angry, they’re just one angry puff of steam – they’re all angry as hell as they all know only too well – the golden age of oil rules the day is now a goner; if they seem quiet, it’s only because they can’t find the words to describe their anger.

The second angriest men on the list have to be the bankers, traders or anyone who works with moving zero’s on an excel spreadsheet – these people have to be so super duper angry as well, they all look like a hand grenade just two seconds after the pin has been pulled – just imagine how’s it like for them….to go to work every single day and to be told time and again…this is the year when it will all go down the chute…this is the year when the big one will flatten everything in sight till you can even see the slight curvature of the earth at the outer edge of your periphery vision….so they all have to be shit angry….as many would have to get used to life as a uber driver.

Then the third angriest men definitely have to be farmers. Because this is the year Mother Nature turns everything upside down and shakes it all up….everything is just so wrong with this year from the word go! – so farmers can only flail, get thrown here and there, but knowing at heart these are all driven by something far larger than’s so big that nothing can be done about it…all one can really do is sit by the side lines like one of those old ball players that no one ever calls to step up to the plate…this man is just there at every game….but it always begins and ends exactly like the last one.

He never gets called…

Then of course there is a whole lot of other angry men as well…..too many to mention…I reckon.


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