Why not giving others the benefit of the doubt will always reflect badly on you!

January 23, 2016

What mankind does not have the breadth of experience or depth of wisdom to understand….he will automatically give it the label of ‘crazy’ or ‘mad.’

This is man’s first priori response whenever he comes face to face with an unknown quantity.

The reason why man is always inclined to take such a strong position is because he suffers from a very big hang up concerning ‘not knowing.’ To Mr Know it all – not knowing will always be too uncomfortable to bear….for one his crumbly ego can never bear such a heavy burden. As he would have to come to terms with the awful reality….it’s conceivable, he may not be as knowledgeable, well read or worst still…he might simply be ignorant and stupid.

So it’s hardly a matter of choice for this man. He really has no options but to seek refuge in the temple of magic words, by labeling the unknown quantity ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’….by doing so , man is able to conveniently absolve himself from all responsibility to learn and understand further about that incomprehensible thing or person that crinkles his world…suddenly, he is able to keep his crumbly world intact again…it’s no longer shaking. Suddenly that which once vexed him no end, no longer bothers him any longer….finally he is safe!

As by invoking the magic incantation…..mad and crazy..it confers upon this man – the unmitigated license to disparage, disrespect, undermine and render that which he is incapable of understanding so inconsequential…it doesn’t even deserve the slightest modicum of his respect or care.

To paraphrase, that which confounds man can only fill his heart with anxiety and this can only lead to fear – fear opens the door to irrational anger.

Hence that which is an effrontery to his limited intelligence must always be destroyed in the name of preserving the vanity of this man who can ever never hope to understand a person or thing for what it really is and not what others say it is…..never.

That is the tragedy of the human condition.


‘Not very long ago in Singapore there was a group of men who got together and started dressing up in three piece suits, sporting pipes etc etc. If memory serves. These group of dapper fashionistas referred to themselves the Gentleman’s pride.

Do google it up and feel free to correct me if I happen to be wrong.

It’s not exactly clear what motivated these men to come together…but that’s hardly the point.

What I want to underscore is – how much anger this group of men provoked in the online community – many people took to their digital parchments to split hairs on what is the definition of a gentleman, to even writing whole disquisitions on the subject of does clothes maketh a man? Others even theorized these people were out to propagate some elitist sub culture in our midst.

Watching all this from the sidelines. I couldn’t but help feel – many of these critics who were only too quick to read beyond the motives of this group – to even suggest they were guilty of propagating a class or cultural war were just giving their insecurities free rein.

The irony is in fervent attempts to undermine the Gentlemen’s pride, they were actually demonstrating the nakedness of their ignorance, fear and complete lack of imagination which they accused this group of harboring – after all, if a group of men choose to dress up to nines and ten’s on a Sunday and strut around, take photos and post it in Instagram….what’s the harm….where is the wrong? Where is the suggestion of class war?

Truth is dressing up like a dandy has nothing whatsoever to do with class divide anymore than living in a cave necessarily makes one a geologist.

Besides its not as if these men are making bombs in their kitchen…there is nothing malevolent or insidious about it. Not to me…at least.

So why not let them be? Or even if you don’t seem to be able to understand their philosophy – why not give the matter time to mature and suspend disbelief for the time being instead of shooting it down on the first opportunity…and that is basically a summary of why society is the way it is – if it’s parochial, insular and inward looking…it’s precisely because people don’t give anything a chance. They kill it even before it has an opportunity to take root and become something significant….that’s why everything is same!

Will dressing up in Austin Reed’s or strutting around in a pair of Weston’s on a weekend be able to make the world a better place? Is there a guiding philosophy to these people coming together? I really don’t know – but I will say this, it definitely a welcome change to the same shit, different day run of the mill that we get from the Singapore blogoland – besides those guys really put in a serious effort to look like a million dollars and I for one hope they will not be daunted and continue to do what they do…because that is how it really is in life….sometimes when a group of men decide to dress up and get together…that’s really all it is…no Da Vinci code there…no grand design for world domination either….sometimes it’s really just what it is….and very little else…..a group of men deciding to dress up and get together! That is.

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