The life and death difference between sympathy and compassion

January 24, 2016

Sympathy is very often confused with compassion. Truth is sympathy can have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with compassion – just as oil and water can never combine to be one of the same reality.

Sympathy is just an elaborate way to nourish one’s ego….it’s a prostitute!

As when one sympathizes FOR another…(Notice: I have used the prefix ‘FOR’ instead of ‘WITH.’) As the latter is commonly misused – as in the act of sympathy all that one is really doing is putting the self high on a pedestal, where one looks down with a detached state of mind on the person who one is sympathizing FOR….so as you can see – you can certainly sympathize FOR, but never WITH…….that’s an oxymoronic construction of words!

As sympathy is just a polite form of degradation, appropriation and disrespect – as those who delight in sympathizing never really give as much as take….even when they appear to be giving or givers…sympathizers are actually voracious takers who can ONLY take, take and take…as since their ego is like an ever hungry furnace no matter how much they take, they can never be full…there is no limit! Hence sympathizers are no better than vampires feasting on the life force of others as they derive so much pleasure and nourishment that comes from feeding their ego.

True compassion on the other hand can only come from a complete absence of expectation of nothingness…it is for lack of a better word, the clearest manifestation of pure nothingness – an egoless state of mind when one is prepared to give the time and attention to put oneself in the shoes of the sufferer……to be at one with every dimension of the sufferers pain.


‘People can often be very condescending without them realizing it! They can. That is to say instead of being thoughtful and holding out relief, often all they do, despite their best intentions is to heighten anxiety and sharpen the pain of others.

This is what happens when man is not diligent in his study of details and takes words so lightly that he doesn’t even see the wisdom of reflecting deeply on their meaning….and regrettably most people if you observe do not!

If they give, they want everyone to know, they give! If they do something good. They expect everyone to call them a good man….so to me it’s really a transactional affair…a quid pro quo arrangement…something just to nourish their grotesquely obese ego…and if you pander to these people…you are no better than a prostitute!

I don’t want to have anything to do with that stupid dynamic of the world – that is why despite so many people offering me this and that…on virtually every single occasion, my response has remained stoically the same. I will ask of these people who want to ‘give’ me things and confer favors upon me…..

Why are you trying to insult me? What have I done to deserve this?

At first they will be bewildered and puzzled by my response…that is when I will usually ask of them.

Tell me please – do you see anything in my blog that suggest that I even want anything at all? Look carefully around this blog. Please. I implore you! Look!

Am I peddling T-shirts, books or any trinkets? Am I even endorsing any products at all? Do you see pop up sponsors and ads for ointments that you can apply on your cock so that it can grow two inches longer! Am I advertising a wonder bra that can transform your airport chest to a full bodied buxom D cup mega top?

Is there even a paypal account where you can make an anonymous donation? Coming to think of it – do you by any chance see anything at all that suggest I am seeking anything from you!

99.9% of the time, if they happen to be women. They will exclaim in a trembling tone, ‘how dare you!’ Promptly thereafter they will give me two tight slaps or throw water on my face or both and storm right out. I am so accustomed to this response these days. I even regularly use nano technology in my hair cream to waterproof my head! If it’s a man, a fist fight is just about 50/50….but it always ends the same…in a few days, when they calm down and reflect on what I have shared with them and eventually come around full circle…they will all (without a single exception) share with in a grave tone…how they finally see it so clearly now.

It is regrettable that this seems to be the only reliable for me to provoke others to think more deeply about the meaning of sympathy and compassion along with the whole idea of giving.

Truth is, even if I am dying of thirst in the scorching desert…I don’t even expect any of my readers to bring the cup to my parched lips.

I do not expect anything whatsoever!

Because the very moment one ‘expects’ – the magic spell is broken. As that is the cue for the ego to suddenly prick up his ears. Rear it’s ugly head in expectation and this hungry monster looks greedily around only to exclaims, ‘hello, hello what do we have here!’

The very moment when we speak about wants and desires in whatever shape or form, even if it may be couched in that most benign of words, ‘expectation’ – that is when the ego has already hijacked the narrative.

And I have seen this time and again, how when money comes into anything that is noble and pure. Then it can only lead to the sewerage treatment plant of politics and since politics comes encrusted with power, everything can only be corrupted!

So I want nothing to do of that world. I may not be able to control the whole world. But here in this blog, I have always believed I can at least control the four corners of my little digital island. Besides I’ve been there. Done that. Even have the T Shirt and key chain to prove it. So Dowan lah! (Don’t want).

And this only lefts one question. What then do I want? What accounts for the things I do? That is my business which I consider private and out of bounds.

Do you see how it’s so impossible to give me anything at all – to put it another way, I will never allow you to turn me into a prostitute just to slake your ego!’

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