The puppy who stands his ground

January 24, 2016

The mother has died and the pup is orphaned. She stands her ground like her mother used too at the West gate some five kilometers away from my lands. Here her mother’s scent still lingers….that must be why this pup continues to guard this gate that hardly anyone uses any more.

These aren’t domesticated dogs – they’re truly wild. That is why I am slightly surprised she’s all alone by herself. Usually wild dogs roam in tightly knit packs during this time of the year – maybe she couldn’t keep up with them? Could that be the reason why they left her behind? Perhaps she got lost?…it’s very hard to say. From what I am able to make out, her left hind leg is all busted up.

I am very careful not to touch her. If I do – should the pack return… of them may pick up my human scent and cast her out – that is the politics of the pack….humans and wild dogs aren’t supposed to ever mix…it’s taboo….Then again should I decide to do nothing – her hind leg may get infected and she would most certainly die.

If I decide to touch her…I would need to commit myself to domesticating her and taking her back home to call my own….. I’ll have to decide what to do tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have decided to give her a name…it shall be ‘Gatey’ – as she’s the puppy whose always standing at the gate.


‘Dogs I reckon can teach us how to be better human beings – and I don’t mean that facetiously. They really can teach us how to love unconditionally. How to set aside grudges. How to live in the moment. To conduct oneself always with the highest integrity. To remain steadfast and loyal. To be courageous and to always smile even when things don’t always go well.

If we attributed some of those qualities to a person we would have absolutely no problem agreeing – we are indeed blessed to be in the company of someone extraordinarily thoughtful and well balanced.

However if a person had ALL of these doggy qualities, we would all probably write books, make films, recite poetry and build monuments to honor such people.

Yet no one ever bothers to seek out all these in dogs. They rather learn about these qualities vicariously by either reading a book or watching a movie…..that is the strange thing about man. When the truth is staring him in the face, he doesn’t even see it and instead decides to search for it in places that can only take him further from the truth…but I know dogs better than anyone in this world…that is why I have always considered them my most revered teachers.’

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