Why I want the SPF to be the very best it can be!

February 4, 2016

Small boy asked me today…can I please borrow your dog? I asked why? Small boy replied, if I have to go to the police station for whatever reason….I will feel much safer if your dog is beside me.

I told the small boy, there is nothing to fear…the police should be your best friends.

Small boy did not seem to believe me.


Woof woof...by the way do I look stressed out?

Woof woof…by the way do I look stressed out?

‘If people keep committing suicide after getting interviewed by the police…and this keeps happening all the time. Especially to kids…then a day will certainly come when even sane and reasonable people will label the police force as the pariah police!

This is regrettable, but I want to emphasize…it is what, it is…that is to say…..it is reality!

And when that sad day comes, then even perfectly sane and leveled headed people will no longer believe the police are supposed to serve and protect – they will develop an automatic fear response whenever they come across the police.

This is only natural! After all they are dealing with pariah police wot! You can’t blame them!

So when the pariah police shouts out, stop! Most sane and reasonable people will run. Even if they have no pants…they will run first. Even if they have not committed a crime…they will run as well. Even if the police stopped them just to tell them….their tires are short of air…they rather run!

That’s how life is with the pariah police!

In many countries where the citizens regularly call their police force the pariah police – whenever they see the police coming to their house, they will automatically reach for their sawn off shot guns, machetes, helmets, bullet proof vest….why? Because they know instinctively and from bitter experience a rumble is coming their way…the pariah police after all has a long documented history of bullying and killing innocent people!

The most regrettable aspect of this is, even if a policeman has the best intention to serve and protect, but since most people consider his outfit to be a smelly pariah dog organization – he is not able to carry out his duties with pride, dignity and respect…it’s impossible…..as since no one believes he is actually there to protect and serve…..they all want nothing to do with him!

In those countries where the citizens refer to their men in blue as the pariah police – mothers and fathers rarely encourage their children to aspire to be policemen….they consider it a lowly and dishonorable profession and will often ask of their children – why do you want to be a gangster in a uniform?

That is why the police force of every country should always strive their very best to build trust, respect and friendship with it’s citizens.

They should always aim for the diamond standard to be like the friendly brotherhood figure who every child greets with a smile…..because the child knows deep down in his heart, his brother will never hurt him….he is always only there to serve and protect.

100% pure brotherhood!

This needs to be said, because there are too many polite people in Singapore who care very little about children….and they care even less about where their police force seems to be going as well.’

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