2016 the year of the psycho monkey

February 7, 2016

Crimped by the anemic ringgit and the dramatic plunge in crude oil prices. Many local businesses are bracing for a tough year ahead….the mood is jittery, pensive and full of anxiety in the business community.

Agriculture and livestock will be badly affected by El Niño. The after effects will likely linger on beyond 2017. It’s a goner year lah. Commodity prices are likely to stay low due to China slowing down. The specter of another recession hangs like a dead bird over the horizon.

Prices are going up and up…..profits are dwindling…to make matters worse liquor these days is so expensive, it’s impossible for one to even seek solace in the bottle.

Welcome to the psycho monkey year.


‘I am just saying in the year of the psycho monkey…there is no possible way to remain sane if you happen to be a businessman.

No way!

Everything is on it’s head. It’s topsy turvy. Governments have to struggle to keep their public services humming and purring. To do this, they have to tax everything from diapers to light bulbs..the weather is not cooperating….oil is at a all time historical low….businesses are all holding on by their fingernails.

It’s going to be a hard as Tungsten nails year. To win in this psycho monkey year…it’s is conceivable one also has to think and act like a psychotic monkey.

The field of possibilities must open beyond the known…familiar and usual. What is required is a radical transformation in thinking beyond the norm.

To accomplish this feat, one has to prospect for business in the most fucked up regions in this world, where no one dares to go…where there is no such thing as civilization as we know it…no law and order, just the law of the jungle… or for that matter guarantee that one may live to see the morning.

There is no choice….stay in one place…and you are as good as a sitting duck. Be a moving target and the chances are about 50/50 you can make it to the other side with your body parts whole.

In the psycho monkey year there are no rules….if there is one enduring truism…it is this…it’s everyman for himself!

However, there is a sliver of redemption in all this…who dares will win!

This I must believe….as even when the ship is sinking, one must put one’s best foot forward….as the show must go on!

Let the games begin….happy hunting!….and see you all in the place where angels fear to thread!

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