Being the tenth man

February 7, 2016

It all begins by first asking a lot of questions. Every conceivable kind of questions…most of them are dead serious…some not so serious perhaps…others frivolous even which may at first appear to have absolutely nothing to do with the issues at hand.

But nonetheless they are all ascribed a color code and all of them will eventually find it’s place next to other such questions…..then very slowly each ‘what if’ scenario is played out to it’s logical end…all the possible permutations are simulated in a computer…..and this goes right on for days and nights…till only a few questions remain……that is the goal – these are what we call the circular questions….the great unknowns

Once these questions are identified and further clarified….it’s as close as one can possibly get to a representation of reality.

Reality is what we deal in – for an enterprise to succeed in the Ukraine….it needs to be a real as possible, that is to say what is planned must unfurl as close as possible to a standard of 100% fidelity – anything less than this is no good!

It has to be like a precision rocket launch. A must flow to B, B must uncouple to C and so on and so forth….if we do this…we win!

There are only one group of people who can pull off this sort of intensive and highly quantitative based simulation. People who play computer games for a living….fortunately, I happen to know the best in the world.

For years I dedicated my life to creating the perfect frontier man – many people did not understand why this was necessary…they called me all types of nasty names and even made fun of me behind my back. But I was resolute and even experimented on myself to determine whether it was possible to be create such a man who can adapt and overcome against extraordinary odds to prevail.

If this cohort succeeds. They will be the pioneer pathfinders (no one has ever done this before) and more will follow in their footsteps – the scope of their mission will be hard and unrelenting…it is what it is! But we must do everything to increase their probability of success….if we fail…so many people will suffer!

I must not fail…I cannot fail!….failure is not an option!

The pressure is immense!…I take solitary walks these days.


‘The Tenth Man

To avoid unwanted surprises like The Yom Kippur war with Egypt and Syria in 1973, Israel instituted a geo political policy think tank known as “the tenth man.”

It goes like this….I am simplifying….quite naturally so….as there are certain things I never want to ever share.

When nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth man’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable the idea.

He must keep on disagreeing…playing the devil’s advocate…I am the tenth man.’

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