Ending the vicious cycle

February 13, 2016

There is a forty something school teacher in my village who is always frigid, nervous and suspicious whenever she finds herself in the company of men. This lady is constantly under the deluded impression every man in this world is out to climb down her panties.

A few months ago, I had to interact with her. As since I give free tuition in Mathematics and English to village kids and no sooner had the meeting started – this lady started her nonsense again with me by eyeballing me suspiciously etc etc. I found her reaction too distracting. So I took her to one side and told her in a very matter a fact tone,

‘I know what I am about to share with you may come across as shocking….but do bear me out…. Are you ready?

I do not want to fuck you. I am just here to do a job.’

Thereafter this lady went on to suggest that I had outraged her decency by using vulgar language, to which I repeated again…

‘I would like to reiterate in the clearest possible terms….I have no intentions whatsoever to fuck you! I just want to finish this meeting and return back to my house to make myself a refreshing Ribena drink and feed my dogs.’

Thereafter this lady began crying and proceeded to give me to two tight slaps (which I have long since developed physical and mental immunity to) ….recently I heard from the villagers after that incident – this lady was much more comfortable around men as she now no longer feels that they are out to screw her…many even say she seems more relaxed and even more beautiful these days.

When I last saw her, this lady even apologized for slapping me. I simply told her, ‘one is always glad to be of service.’


‘If we are not mindful of our thoughts and actions…then life can only repeat itself again and again like a broken record. And if you care to observe your family members, friends and colleagues and how they react to certain situations – you will see what I mean when I say, life can only repeat itself again and again.

For example I know of a very wealthy landowner who ALWAYS thinks that everyone is out to cheat him. Even if they are thoughtful and considerate, he is contend to only see the negative side – as he puts it, ‘he wants something from me!’

So there is no possible way to win with guy….as everything one does and doesn’t do is always construed in bad faith.

But why has this happened?

It is because this person has allowed bad experiences in his past to color his judgement of people and events to such a degree where he can no longer remain either objective and clear any longer.

And this is what will happen – if we are NOT mindful…. even we can fall into this mind trap without us being conscious of how we continually sabotage over selves. Instead of keeping our mind open to enjoy the field of possibilities that living presents us with.’

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