The middle path

February 13, 2016

I am not so sure there is such a thing as the secret to happiness….and even if there was really such a thing. I don’t think I want to buy into that life plan.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t belong to the anti happiness league and I definitely don’t derive any enjoyment from wallowing in sadness – it’s just that when I think deeply about happiness…it’s really quite an unnatural state like perhaps a firecracker rocketing high into the inky dark skies only to explode in a burst of colors and thereafter nothingness…that’s to say happiness as an emotional state will always require a tremendous amount of personal energy to achieve let alone sustain and because of that, it lacks the essential quality of sustainability.

I mean if the whole purpose of life is simply to be happy 24/7 for 365 days, then all governments need to do is add mind bending drugs into the water supply and voila! We would all be happy all the time.

Besides happiness takes you right up there….for a brief moment – you feel euphoric and some say it even has the power to give you wings. But like I said, it’s not sustainable, because at some point even the happiest person has to come right down and when all you ever want to have is happiness – then your default emotional state when you come right down has to be something very close to the opposite of happiness….that to me is the reason why so many people are estranged from happiness.

They’re so addicted to happiness as a concept – they don’t realize it’s elementally an unnatural state of mind that cannot possibly be sustained.

Besides the whole idea of sadness is terribly underrated – the only reason why most people seem to ONLY work consciously towards a happy state of mind is precisely because they’re told time and again…that’s the gold standard of how one should aspire to live. But this outlook discounts the wisdom of sadness completely – sadness, if approached wisely gives a man depth. It layers his character as when a man is sad, he naturally compelled to go inwards to seek answers to many of his questions….and that to me is not such a bad thing.

To me happiness is like a tree reaching up to the heavens and sadness is like the roots burrowing deep into the bosom of the earth – if one observes, they are always proportional.

That’s to say happiness would be quite meaningless without sadness and vice versa. Both required for a man to grow well mentally and spiritually. Both are one of the same reality.

It’s this state of mind in between happiness and sadness…this middle path that most people rarely speak about that I believe is holds the key to contentment – a state of mind where, one’s mind is neither influenced by the narcotic high of happiness or crushing depression of sadness.

As when one is living in only the extremities of these two diametrically opposite emotional polarities – how can one can one even be conscious of the present?

Naturally one can only feel miserable….


‘It’s an El Niño year. And some days it rains. And when it rains…naturally I jump up and down with happiness. On other days when the sun beats down relentlessly, I am glum and in a foul mood….and it occurred to me just then…only crazy people live this way!

Where their state of mind is constantly sliding from one extreme to another; from a bubbly state like Champagne one moment and lukewarm the next…think about it….that’s not the way mature people go about the living a life!

I am not saying mature people don’t give two hoots whether it rains or when the sun beats down relentlessly threatening to crack the earth – sure they care….but they’re calm…that’s to say they have long since reconciled themselves with what will have to be.

Because when you think about it, you could be happy or sad ten or maybe twenty times a month…but in the final analysis that wouldn’t really change anything at all in the larger scheme of things….as what will be…will simply be!

That’s the constant…the great equalizer…the supreme leveler.’

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