The art of manliness – pink

February 15, 2016

It’s regrettable most men these days shy away from pink. I will not mince my words – the only reason why men harbor reservations concerning the color pink is because they fear their masculinity will be questioned. This is perfectly understandable as the color pink has been hijacked by the homosexual movement to serve their specious ends.

Having given you the low down. Now the high points – pink is perhaps the only effective color that can soften the image of a man without him having to do anything….it’s a free ride at a cost of a’s an automatic subliminal suggestion on the cheap…it’s psychological warfare – that’s how effective pink is as a mood influencer – sometimes that’s exactly what you need in business as projecting a cold and metallic Darth Vader image all the time doesn’t always work.

Wearing pink suggest you’re a new age sort of bloke (not that I know what that actually is). Someone thoughtful about people and planet who actually cares enough to keep his carbon footprint to the minimum (never mind the occasional open burning). Someone who can empathize and be there…sometimes you need that imagery just to get to the next level of the game lah!

Having said that, let’s put it all in perspective I wouldn’t exactly recommend pink for hostage negotiations or to discuss terms of surrender with isis – but I do find that when pink is worn tactically (on the right occasion) and deliberately (with a mission orientated focus) it can certainly have the effect of lowering the defenses of the other side considerably along with setting a very convivial mood, since no ever suspects you are actually in combat mode when you’re wearing pink.

The question is how does a gentlemen wear pink without blowing up in his face and causing a right mess? How can he maximize on the tactical aspects of mind bending pink to turn it into a competitive advantage.



‘The question is why would any man wear pink? The short answer is pink is the oldest and cheapest and most effective wonder weapon known to mankind, it’s like the Klingon ‘cloaking device’ in Star Trek, that’s to say the color pink has a tactical psychological dimension in being able to not only camouflage one’s motives but to also take off the rough and brusqueness in one’s character to remake you!

Pink is a great color if you want to bully and intimidate someone without coming across as a bully and unreasonable person.

It’s also fantastic if the police knocks on your door at three in the morning to ask for your assistance concerning a murder investigation.

Personally I find that whenever I have to play the victim when I am actually the aggressor and no one believes me, then nothing beats the auto suggestive alibi of wearing a pink shirt….it’s very simple…I just shout out, I am innocent! Then a pause ensues and my large liquid brown eyes well up with the tears and the pink shirt does the rest…I am off the hook! The greatest get out jail card on the cheap in the world…can cruise pass ‘go’ and collect $200 some more!

To sum it all, it’s a color that’s able to lend one a benign, approachable and playful patina. That’s why all dictators, psychopaths and evil people are seriously leveraging on the strategic value of pink…they’re all heavily invested in the color pink – Idi Amin had a habit of wearing pink socks and cravettes, the shah of a Iran always rocked his pink pocket accenture square when the subject of the dreaded Savak cropped up, Sadam Hussein commissioned fifty pink Montecristi’s, Robert Mugabe has 106 shades of pink shirts, Adolf Hitler wore pink slippers when he ambled around the Berghoff…I rest my case.

For me full frontal pink is way too direct and strong – I would not recommend it. Not at all. if you do that. It’s just as good as painting a bull eyes on your ass for every gay man to hit on you! It’s no good.

The way to wear pink:

(1) Never go for just a full frontal pink shirt. The bloody color is like plutonium…a little goes a very long way – break it up with the orthodox symmetry of white or maroon stripes, that way you’re able the harmonize the fairy and alpha male effect – that way no one will ever mistake you as an emissary or special envoy of bum buddies club.

(2) Try not to wear a tie with a pink shirt or even a suit. As the color pink is already a very visually dominant color by itself and the last thing you want to do is to trigger migraine attacks by jumbling it with other strong colors. Keep it simple. Keep it as the Italians say una Bella figura – top button undone. Smart casual.

(3) To project a certain formality and business attitude when carrying pink, make it a point to wear cuff links. The contrast between hard and soft works best in that combination – that way you come across as assured of your masculinity and not skittish about being labelled a closet gay. Never roll up your sleeves, you will come across as playboyish and too playful, that subtracts completely from that purposefulness yet approachable image that you want to always project. Remember you are only wearing it to accomplish a mission!

(4) Never wear pink with black shoes, people will end up mistaking you for a faded out traffic cone or an ice cream man. Pink will really only go with chestnut and deep cherry slip on’s. Same goes for slacks, keep it very light – creme, durian, khaki and off greyish white are all good to go.

(5) In a function try to avoid other men wearing pink. Because if other people see both of you together clinking wine glasses, you really can’t blame them if they think you’re both an item and that’s instant two minute hara kiri lah.

(6) Wear pink only in day light hours. Works fabulously for garden luncheons, horse races and the regatta. Just be mindful under certain artificial light some shades of pink emit an eerie glow – you never want that because when everyone sees this, they will probably avoid you as they think you once worked in either Chernobyl or Fukushimaya and again the good stuff will never come your way.

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