The art of manliness -wisdom

February 16, 2016

During my last visit to the city. At the tail end of a formal function. A burly man came up to me and intoned in a loud and aggressive tone, ‘I don’t like the way you look!’

I smiled dryly leaned close to him and whispered, ‘Listen to the sound of my voice…calm down and use your…consider know absolutely nothing about me. That’s to say, you have absolutely no idea what I do for a living, what’s my nett worth or for that matter even whether this might all end happily…now use your mentality specifically your judgement. Remember I am on your side…everyone is looking at us. I am sorry to say this, but if you don’t like me, that’s your insecurity and immaturity talking…You see I don’t believe it’s the REAL you…that’s why I am trying my very best to save you….am I crystal?’

The man features soften almost immediately and soon he regained his composure. That was when I told him, ‘now I want you to do yourself a favor. Because everyone here is eyeballing us like we are like two cowboys facing off at high noon. Remember you have just created a scene here. Listen to the sound of my voice…shake my hand. There you go….that wasn’t so bad was it? Now we are both going to do something together – we are going to smile and laugh out loud like it was all a private joke.’

The man did exactly what I told him. Before I walked right out of the door – I turned to the crowd and exclaim, ‘all is well folks, we just wanted to bring some excitement to the party…it’s after all the year of the monkey wot!’

The rest of the guest burst out in rapturous laughter with some talking heads exclaiming…you got us there! A knot of plantation ladies even whispered amongst themselves, ‘for a moment, I thought that was real.’

I flashed them all a look of intrigue and disappeared into the night.


‘I will speak plainly. The art of manliness is not about the business of stuffing straw to fashion scarecrows, it’s a dying craft to steel character in men – that’s to say, you can be the most well dressed man in a room, but it counts for absolutely zero – if you don’t bother to polish your character and intellect to be the very best it was meant to be.

I understand….by this I mean, these days, men no longer see any mileage in investing either the time or effort in thinking deeply about the whole idea of developing their character any longer.

I don’t mean they’re not interested in improving their lot, sure they are – they gym out regularly, chug down their protein shakes, dab moisturizer before they hit the sack, take diligently to evening course to get to the next level of life…they certainly do all that.

But you know what? Deep down. The vast majority of men today still feel inexplicably restless, unfulfilled and empty.

A big reason for this malaise is because these men are all seeking the things a sick and dysfunctional society tells them will heal their man spirit: like they need to be someone else besides themselves to gain acceptance, prestige and respectability. And yet many men find no relief.

Why? In my opinion – they’re all skipping out on perhaps the most crucial element that they should first and foremost develop – their character.

In the old days, when it was socially de riguer for gentlemen to regularly wear swords or carry firearms openly and the gentle art of dueling was still alive – paradoxically polite society was a much more civilized and convivial affair where men could very well embody the duality of being the rugged individual and still be a peka gentlemen.

Unfortunately, these days despite modern man boasting about his new age of emancipation. Most men these days are thoroughly confused about that species of men who once walked the earth – the gentleman.

To the post modernist man, this idea of the classical gentlemen is at best an abstraction that’s so embellished by blurring the lines of gender, roles and society’s expectation, that we even have the half male and woman man called the metrosexual – as a consequence of this chelating on what a gentlemen should be today. It’s no surprise these days, the age of the hybrid man cum woman has emerged and is even seen as desirable in our diseased age – the old school gentlemen on the other hand is today an old hat passé relic – today the classical gentlemen sits on the sissy end of the manliness spectrum, opposite that of the confused man who frowns on all aspects of manner manly expressions and endeavors.

Yet the paradox is our forebears understood that there was no contradiction in being ruggedly manly and a refined gentleman. The man who will always stick his neck out to right the wrongs of this world, even when it threatens his existence and survival.

A man who derives immense pride and satisfaction from the whole idea of dignity of labor and is skilled in the manly arts – like how to fix things around his house or to strip an engine right down to it’s chassis and is even prepared to get right down dirty and sweaty. A man who treats women with respect and honor. Serves and gives back to his community. Sacrifices for the common good. Indifferent to governments and much prefers to rely on the power of sinews to alter his fate line and seldom ever complains.

He never complains…not even when it hurts…sucks it all in and just goes right on like…that’s character.

A man of letters who embodies both the rigor of intellect and tender compassion. Has a confident swagger but isn’t a pretentious obnoxious parvenu. Is witty and diabolically well read without succumbing to the insecurity of sarcasm. Embraces instead of shirks responsibility. Confronts the controversial head on instead of sweeping it beneath the carpet and hoping that it will all go away magically or that no one is smart enough to notice his deviousness.

Many years ago, most men had very little trouble learning the ropes of manhood and they displayed and they encounter even less social resistance exemplifying many of the noble qualities that I have seen fit to highlight – this kind of honorable pride that can only be derived from a mastery of all things manliness.

But something conspiratorial happened in the last thirty or so years to cause these positive manly virtues and skills to disappear from the current generations of men. Men who would much prefer to see the world clearly without any embellishments were banished away as parochial, insular and old fashioned – like the ancient order of the Jedi and Templar knights, they were hunted down, emasculated by the mind dumbing juggernaut of the bone crushing machinery of the automata. The narrative was restricted by merchants of convenience to even make these real men feel shameful of their honesty to call a spade a spade. Fathers ceased passing on the art of manliness to their sons. Mothers no longer saw the need to teach their daughters on the what to expect from a real man. The brotherhood of man is seen as insidious, suspicious and regarded as something to be discouraged and hence our understanding of what a man should be these days is riven with so much anxiety, nervous energy and falsity, it’s no wonder, in our age we see absolutely no value in assigning any single set of timeless roles and virtues to the idea of the man….for in our age…man is well and truly lost and what has instead taken it’s place is a vicious, unprincipled, greedy poor excuse of a hollow man who delights in the cunningness of his deviousness to which such a lowly creature would have absolutely no hesitation in shooting a man squarely behind the back.

Yes I do most certainly rue the passing of the age of dueling, when honor meant more than just a membership into a clique of self serving cunning parvenus – if there was ever any promise of redemption for mankind in that tumult when real men faced off against each other in a foggy morn bearing flintlocks in some forest clearing – it was the very the idea what separate him from banishment was his preparedness to defend his name with the quality of his moral fiber….and to accomplish that feat character would have been the very raw material needed…to take precisely six steps, turn wait for the flint to strike the pan and ignite the powder that would send the ball barreling to kill a man…at least in that bygone age. A man had to at least fulfill the basic duty to actually look honestly at his handiwork….these days in an age when everyone delights in twisting, exaggerating and embellishing truths to serve their specious ends – all you really have are opportunist carpetbaggers scuttling in the dark like feral rats, which we are contend to all call men!

This is the age we live in gentlemen!….it is what it is!’

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