The art of manliness – public speaking

February 21, 2016

Most men come across as woody, awkward and plasticky when they’re called to speak publicly. That is perfectly understandable as being in the spotlight generates a lot of nervousness and anxiety along with the fear of failure….hence most men much prefer to let others do the talking. That’s well and fine, if you’re just a follower – but if want to proceed to the next level of life. You have to be a leader – and at that level of the game, public speaking is hardly a matter of choice. As frequently as a leader, you need to take the lead to manage yourself and others to provide instructional and directional advise. You need to be able to influence others effectively. Convince and internally persuade those around you that your idea is worth going with.

The long and short of it, is there is no running away from public speaking….if you aspire to be in a position of leadership.

Key rules to public speaking

(1) Speak only about subjects, opinions and POV’s that you believe absolutely and completely in. Because if there is even a shadow of a doubt in your conviction – it will definitely show in your body language as your subconscious can never lie and experienced people will have absolutely no problems whatsoever smelling you out as a phoney con man. Cultivate the skill to speak without relying on any aids. This is the gold standard and it conveys commitment, authenticity and knowledge. Always allow your audience question time after you have finished. This demonstrates that your confidence and trust in the position you have taken to withstand the rigor of cross examination. Keep your replies short. With difficult questions keep the replies open ended followed by a curt, ‘next question please.’ But never seek refuge in silence…no dignity there…only perhaps the confirmation you are clueless and deserve nothing but derision from an enquiring audience!

Break this rule and the serious people of this world will say, he’s a lightweight!

(2) Never fake a foreign accent. Take exceptional pride in where you grew up and came from. Do this and you will give your audience the permission to do the same.

(3) Always frame the context of what you have to share with your audience in the common ground of brotherhood, camaraderie, kinship, tribehood and common wealth. Family and kids. Family and kids. Family and kids. That’s the way to go! That will create a very solid connection between where you are coming from and why you hold the beliefs you do along with where you want to go – this way since you taken great lengths to convince your audience they are stakeholders instead of just passive bystanders your message will go down with very little resistance.

(4) Never use con man words. Call a spade a spade. Avoid mind boggling words and double speak like right sizing, calibrate, ponding etc….use instead direct and clear words like retrenchment, there is further room for improvement, flooding….I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough.

(5) Use emotional charged words for effect. For example refer to those at home as ‘those of you at the home front.’ Or ‘those who you who have experienced what I have gone thru.’ Try to establish a common link based on experience or shared mission. This way your audience will feel validated even if all they are really doing is picking their skin on their big toe while munching on pot noodle blog surfing – what you want to do is appeal to the idea of shared mission and goals.

(6) Do not be afraid to spend time to create the emotional atmosphere for your message to be well received. Most people even those who claim to be well skilled in public speaking skip this jugular part, wonder no more why what they have to say goes down and disappears into a black hole.

For example, if the subject is emotive, divisive and charged with resentment – then tug on the emotional heart strings to FIRST prepare your audience for the message (if necessary) – you don’t need to break down, wail and cry to create the effect. Only con artist, good for nothing politicians and bent pastors need to do that. That is not recommended. Remember a little goes a very long way with emotional display involving men.

All that needs to be done is to stage a momentary emotionally charge break, pause or stammer during your delivery, followed by a very quick recovery. The process is incredibly subtle…as it’s just the merest hint…a faint suggestion of lingering sadness.

Remember a little goes a very long way….don’t over do it! Or you come across as a phoney.

Usually the way I pull this off is so subtle that most men in the audience will miss it completely…it will go over their heads…with men you need to cry openly and go thru at least two truck loads of tissue paper before they can register you’re sad…so Dowan lah.

Fortunately with women, they’re hardwired to be incredibly sensitive as they all have inborn maternal instincts along with super razor sharp emotional IQ. So they will definitely pick up these emotional cues you throw out along the way.

They may not be able to pin point exactly or for that matter precisely what it actually is – and this precisely the effect you want to create…a delicate balance i.e to create a subliminal lingering effect. Where later on when men and women are both and sitting down in the living room and reflecting on what your message was and the man is skeptical and slagging you off – the woman will actually come to your defense (believe it or not), she would probably exclaim, ‘I know at times he comes across like Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Idi Amin…but aside from that, I believe he’s just highly misunderstood. Besides he has a heart of gold!’

Men cannot undertake that sort of perceptive leap of faith…but woman can. So leverage heavily on womanhood. They should really be your target audience.

I call this the shock wave effect. It ripples. After your momentary emotional display the message should be delivered hard and furious…..bang, bang and bang.


‘Why do Asians lose out to the white man? I will tell you why, because we cannot speak for nuts….it’s not as if we are less capable, less resourceful or even lack the requisite number of brain cells….it’s just that we cannot speak for nuts.

That is reality…it is what it is! So deal with it! Because I don’t want to spend my time playing let’s ask twenty questions just to nail down the salient issues we have to deal with.

That is to say public speaking for Asians is usually at the very bottom of the our skill set list!

I want to share with you all the brutal facts of life – consider this case study: you’re bidding for a mining concession in Africa. Fact No.1. No one is going to read your 500 page unsolicited bid proposal! No one! It’s just going to end up in the KIV tray and rot! You want prime land in the Ukraine…ditto again.

But if you can stand up and mesmerize the audience…without notes, teleprompters, power point slides and just convey the clarity of your vision in full technicolor and THX surround sound thru the power of your belief….it’s all yours!

It’s all yours!

So if you want to aspire to a position of leadership. This is NOT optional! If you believe this skill set is in any way negotiable in such a manner where you can avoid it – please stop reading this now and don’t ever come back here again!

Because this is the next level of how the game needs to be played. Anyone who underrates this skill set if you notice is going around in only big and small circles. I am so sorry, you really need to get up to speed and be really so good at public speaking…no one even comes remotely close to you.

This is only reliable way to defeat the ang moh, to be beat them at their own game.

History is firmly on my side. As some of you may know, during the age of the rocket in our game…within 24 hours when the French won a majority in the Imperium. The lingua Franca was changed from English to French. You know why they did that, to silence us! What was our response? Within a year, we became so proficient in French, they gave me and decided to switch to German and when that happened again we beat the shit out them at their own game.

We spoke German so well. That during the Reign of Pandishah IX, they all gave up and everyone went back to speaking standard English.

So if we did all that in the game we once played….I see no reason why it cannot be done to in the real world!

I see absolutely no reason why it cannot be done in the Ukraine or Africa.’

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