5% body fat please!

February 23, 2016

I do not want to mention names…but obviously, we all know who they all are. Allow me to say this, when you are fat or over weight – you demonstrate not only a failure of discipline, but a total disregard of respect for what we stand for along with the fragrant disregard of what it takes to set a good example for your apprentice!

I will not mince my words!

30 days grace period….that is all gentlemen. It is not negotiable. Understand this! I do not care about your imaginary hormonal disorders or for that matter any other confected reasons why you are over weight.

Understand this. I do not care! After 30 days, if this requirement is not met. Please do us all the courtesy to walk the plank with dignity! I assure you gentlemen, heads will bloody fucking roll!

I thank you all very much for your understanding and reasonableness. As without the strategic precondition of 5% body fat…we will all end up with this fellow…please take a good look at this specimen of what appears to be a man:


This is no good gentlemen…it is no bloody good, with this the good stuff will never come our way…it will just past us right by – with this, we can never fit into the gold standard of the lean and muscular profile of this: this is the goal!


Nothing can be accomplished without iron discipline!

Nothing can be fucking accomplished without iron willed discipline…absolutely nothing!

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