Good, Bad and Bittersweet fortune

February 25, 2016

Yesterday after applying a round of super expensive fertilizers, it rained that very night itself – as far as rains go…this is exactly the five chili rain I was hoping for – the type that brings the good stuff. Not the violent thunderstorm torrential rains that washes all the expensive fertilizer away, but the soft pattering rain where I just know it’s so very good to go.

My gamble seems to have paid off handsomely…I am very very relieved. As to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t that sure the winds from the East would hold steady long enough to bring with it the much needed rain clouds…February has historically been a rain free month….but nonetheless, I rolled the dice and it all pulled thru wonderfully.

However, I am not out the woods yet though, judging from the rain last night – it was merely only two inches. I need a further five or six rains to be 100% certain the fertilizer will percolate beneath the topsoil and nourish the roots before I can be home free.

On the bad news front, one of my Doberman guard dogs seems to have been bitten during the night.


It’s very nasty…..right down to the bone. Her name is Big Foot and she can hardly walk. From the looks of it, I am certain it’s Cobra venom – fortunately the poison didn’t circulate, as the foot of dogs are very boney and have very few arteries and nerves – nonetheless, when the venom doesn’t circulate it had a tendency to eat into the flesh just like acid. I will have to put Big Foot on a special recovery diet and a regimen of strong antibiotics. But judging from her breathing, diet and stool….I am certain the venom did not have an opportunity to circulate and I am quite confident with plenty of rest plus a recovery diet, she will bounce back again in no time.

A large bird of prey has been swooping into my bird house and gobbling up my swiftlets – as a rule, I try to shoo them away. As I am especially fond of birds of all variety – but this one persistent….this one comes back again and again.

So today went out at day break in full camouflage to hunt it down, took a position with the morning sun behind to remain invisible – first saw it perched at a distance of eight palms…too bloody far! Held my position for a full hour and a half…then suddenly it moved closer…first five palms away…still too fucking far for clear shot…then finally at three…. But this time, the angle was all wrong. Could have been better. Had only a 30% view. Hardly a clear shot, but I remembered saying to myself – this is as good as it will ever get. Considered skirting around for a clearer shot, but that would put me down wind and since the grass are crispy this time of the year that could scare it off…so despite the lousy conditions. I decided to take the shot from where I was, didn’t need to make any adjustments for windage or elevation as I selected a target steel tipped arrow. Aimed straight using the first pin with a two degree compensate to the left – hit it squarely in the head.

Not happy about my handiwork as I stood there watching the bird as it remained still. I must have stood there for an awfully long time – but you forced my hand my friend….no left me no choice…don’t you understand, what I cannot defend….I don’t own….It’s never personal…it’s strictly only business.

No….I was not happy with that kill at all. Damn you bird! Damn you to hell! Damn you for forcing by hand!

Like I said, it’s one of those good and bad and bittersweet days.

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