The sign of a superior religious man

February 25, 2016

The highest level of religion that a man can ever aspire to – is when another man says to him, can you please teach me how to be like you.

It is NEVER the simple case of how much this religious man claims to know about his holy book. It is NOT even how faithful he is to all the tenets of the religion he claims to belong to.

For example I know of many staunch Buddhist, Muslims and Christians that if Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus is still alive and they observe how these people interact with others – I have absolutely no doubt, they would probably take these adherents to one quiet corner and say to them, ‘here is one million dollars lah, please take it. Don’t worry you will not end up like Najib. I promise you! Please take this donation and go to the furtherest corner of the world and kindly disappear forever from the face of humanity and while you are at it – kindly do humanity another great favor by renouncing your faith. Because you not only a lousy example that can only bring disgrace, dishonor and hate to our faith, but you are also dangerous, destructive and a curse to all of humanity…tolong lah…please go lah!’

Because when we ask ourselves what is the crux of ALL religion – it really only boils down to a few key attributes, the capacity for one to empathize, to provide relief, to always be thoughtful and compassionate and above all to set oneself as a good example for all man to follow.

That is all it is…nothing more…anyone who claims it to be something other than what it’s not, is just full of shit and not worth listening too…as it’s probably embellished by the crooked and twisted mind of zealots, war mongers and confidence tricksters!


‘I know a Buddhist who keeps boasting to everyone, ‘look at me, my karma is so good!’ And whenever he sees a man who has fallen on bad times – he is will turn to his clique and revel, ‘see how bad his karma is!’ So one day while this fellow was driving on a rainy day, his car skidded and ended up in a ditch and he ended up mummified head to toe with a tube sticking out of his mouth and when I visited him in hospital, I asked him, ‘why is your karma so bad?’

I think that sums up everything very nicely on the subject of what is real and false religion.’

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