Sharp tongue

February 28, 2016

When a man’s tongue is sharp, his words will cut and those who will have to bear him will suffer. This man lives only for himself….NEVER for others…he is without a shadow of doubt thoughtless, reckless and very dangerous.

As to inflict a cut takes only a blink of an eye, but to heal will take days, months and years…even then it leaves a permanent scar.

That is the reason why wise men are usually very careful with words. Observe if you will…they guard their tongues like Praetorians. They never speak bad of others behind their back…..the wise all regard their tongues like very highly quality swords forged by master artisans and they are always kept lovingly in their scabbards and only use if there is no other choice…but once it’s drawn, the job is done with very little fuss and back it goes in again!

This is the Dao of all high quality swords…just like a superior man’s tongue.

The fool on the other hand, has a tongue like a sword that has no sheath. That is not surprising as is put together by cobbling the lowest quality materials – the buy one get another free pariah variety – and it’s used for everything from splitting fire wood to digging his asshole ..hence this sword like the fools sharp tongue is lowly thing. It is not a personification of his alter ego or even a symbol of his status. Or anything at all – it’s just a crude tool like a back scratcher.

Observe if you will the tongues of your family member, relatives, colleagues, friends and associates and soon you will see….because I shared this insight with you – observe: if the wise have nothing good to say…usually they will keep very quiet. But if there is a pressing need to convey their views – usually it’s done thoughtfully and delicately and directly and personally (no backstabbing or rumor mongering. That is the dao of the pariah ) and above all in the spirit of true brotherhood…which means, the person who yields the sword is highly skilled. He will never use an atomic bomb to kill roaches…only the fool will do that….the amount of force deployed is just right and the technique is so skillful….the job is done to perfection….this is the hallmark of brotherhood. As by doing so in this manner, not only does he bring out the best in people who he hopes to influence, but he teaches them the tongue can either be a like refreshing drink or cut like a knife.

Be always mindful of tongue…..this I tell myself at least twenty to thirty times a day.


‘There is a school girl who likes to sing folk songs at the top of her voice as she wanders my lands. Since her voice sounds like a wailing walrus – often her singing brings pain to both the animals and my workers. When the birds see her they fly away faster than a speeding bullet. Even my Doberman dogs renown for their toughness begin to howl as if to implore this girl to stop. They will cover their radar ears with their paws. One of my dogs by the name of big foot even digs a hole and buries his entire head like an ostrich to seek relief from pain. Many of my workers have even implored me on bended knees..tolong lah(please) can you please stop this girl from hurting our ears! We are all suffering! Mati lah! Cannot tahan lah!

So one day. When I saw this girl wandering my lands and singing like she usually does. I told her, her voice is indeed so melodious. Because one has to do this with very young girls – as if one is not careful. They will be so hurt that life will suddenly cease to have any meaning and there is always a risk – they will so something rash and stupid.

After that I asked this girl – do you know what I find more beautiful than your singing – she looked at me wide eyed. That was when I told her she looks so beautiful when her lip come together when they are closed. I held out a flower just before it blooms and said to her…do see how the petals are like your mouth when they are closed….because once the petals are open…there is no more mystery…all is revealed. There after it can all only end. But in this state of tension where the petals are tightly closed like your lips….so many beautiful things can be imagined and anticipated. This is why flowers do not need to make a lot of noise to be beautiful. Their beauty is like X ray…it is silent and mysterious.

From that day onwards till present day, this girl walks my lands quietly with her lips closed and her head held high.

It is the same story with a haughty plantation lady who regularly invites me to concertos whenever I visit the city – this woman is always late. Always. Like a primadonna. And if there is one thing I absolutely cannot abide, it is a person who does not have the discipline to keep time nor respect my time and this just brings out the very worst in me.

So one day when we were seated together in a private box…During the intermission. I turned to this woman and asked her. Do you know why this recital is so sublimely magical. She looked at me expectantly and after a very long pause. I told her…because if you observe carefully although the musicians are of only passable quality, but what is able to transcend their mediocrity is the precision in which the maestro is able to time each stanza of the concerto to perfection…so it can all only come together in perfect harmony….but if one has to wait for the strings or winds to come in when they should….if one was to wait merely in a sliver of silence when there should be music….that is all it takes to spoil the whole evening…from there onwards, the mood is gone…and I don’t really believe it’s worthwhile to spend so much on a box seat to experience pain instead of joy. Because timing is so very important to me. I hope you can appreciate where I am coming from? This lady lowered her head in shame and nodded silently to herself. After that day, she was never ever late again.

The moral of the story is there are so many ways to skin a cat, but always be prepared to set aside so time to plan, prepare and strategize, if you want to get where and what you want without cutting others with a sharp tongue – ALWAYS use your imagination, intellect and worldly experiential knowledge to choose the best way to convey a message, that is the defining difference between a pariah and a gentlemen.’

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