Beautiful people

March 30, 2016

The most beautiful people in this world are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and have found their way out of the depths of depression.

I wish to speak plainly. I am not propagating the cult of suffering….only this is my personal take based on years of living in isolation in the harsh realities of the jungle….the very condition itself compels me to search inwards to many of life’s questions.

As only these people seem to have a genuine sense of appreciation, an uncanny sensitivity, and deep understanding of what life is truly all about.

Above all they are beautiful people as their broad life experience fills them with deep understanding for compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.


‘When a man comes to wealth. He would do well not to allow his new found position and prestige to go up to his head like proof alcohol and corrupt his mind…it is very easy for even the most level headed man to be seduced into this mind trap …that is why if you take the time to observe…there seems to be so many delusional people who seem to do very little except mythologize their rise to power, till at some point the man itself disappears as everyone considers him a God…..these people are completely removed from reality and should one be entangled with them, even so much as slightly… you too will be swept along by the tsunami of endless bullshit and smoke and mirrors that can only take you further away from living a truthful life.

When a man comes to wealth…influence and power will follow in it’s wake, instead of being swept away by this heady mix – this man should diligently set upon his next way point in the journey of life – he should proceed to shed his loud, boastful and aggressive ways and strive to be as soft as the petals of a flower. Being gentle and soft is the highest form of mastery over the self….it is in my opinion the most highly evolved way for one to manage oneself and others.

As implicit within this arrangement of personal conduct is one’s recognition – the world and everything that is of it is elementally very fragile….everything if you care to observe is very crumbly and delicate in and of this world…the atmosphere of the planet is nothing more than a wafer thin film….pollute it too much by being callous and disrespectful to nature and soon it will begin to malfunction…this is why we are all experiencing this bout of crazy hot weather…all this is man made!

The same Dao (way) applies to people as well, they are all very delicate and fragile and when one comes to terms with this reality – it is simply an act of recognizing our own capacity to do harm and this insight should motivate us to dedicate all of our intellect to renounce our loud, brash and aggressive ways….and to adopt instead a gentler, soft-spoken, quiet and modest demeanor.

Being gentle doesn’t imply weakness…not at all – when a man is able to cry, it does not mean he is no longer a man or that it somehow subtracts from his manliness…it simply means he has made a life changing connection somewhere between his heart and mind and above all he too recognizes his own fragility and vulnerability as well…such a man is very grounded….very pleasing to all our senses as he is in perfect harmony with the way of the world and our universe.

And this connection is what gives his capacity for gentleness strength. As the discipline to remain gentle and soft usually requires the highest level of effort and cerebral fitness….. This capacity to reflect deeply on things is what enables a man to stay connected to the goal of creating a new improved man…it is the nexus that allows the man who is continuously improving to always remain centered in our own values and strength…..true power is very soft and so very gentle.’

Socially awkward people

March 30, 2016

Most people probably consider me weird….in a cute way, not the scary weird….when I emerge from the jungle into civilization….for the first week at least….I am very weird to others. Coming to think of it…I am very weird to myself as well!

Not a day goes by in the first week when I don’t get at least two or three soulful ladies stopping to ask me whether there is someone I would like to call or just sitting next to me…as they look on with that familiar motherly concern, wondering what a straaaaaaaaaange man.

The first week is usually the hardest…I am always bumping into things…it’s like trying to walk the length of a boat that’s tilting furiously from side to side. I am not accustomed to walking in straight line for miles and miles on perfectly flat pavements….that sort of terrain doesn’t exist in the field – my legs don’t have that sort of city muscle memory – all they seem to be able to do is zig zag walk that’s usually most suited on rough and undulating terrain….so that’s how I usually walk in the city during the first week. I can walk for hours. I can even walk from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris and it wouldn’t be far at all.

It’s not unusual for me to walk so far that when people send me back to my car – they are flabbergasted and ask, ‘did you really walk that far?’

From time to time during the first week in the city, I stop and look at things and at people – I twist my head from side to side like an eagle to try to understand what I am looking at…people around usually get nervous whenever I do this. At times they call the police or a security guard appears and stands besides me….fortunately most of the time, the feeling passes and I move right on.

I don’t expect anyone to ever understand me…I don’t…I never expect anything from others that’s just the way I am….A few days ago. I sat at McDonalds and I couldn’t stop myself from crying….I don’t even know why I did what I did….it just came out that way like how one’s trying so hard to open a stuck can and suddenly it all explodes in a shower of stuff.

You see it was the ice in my cup of lemon tea….it was so very mesmerizing….it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in this world.


‘I think when one grows up in a world where one is expected to think, walk, talk, do, behave etc etc the same way as everyone else…..when one is different – life can truly only be miserable and hellish.

Sooner or later, the man who is different from all other men learns – the nail that sticks out will always be hammered down!

So eventually, this man learns to be ashamed of who he really is…soon he even regards his difference as an embarrassment like urinating in bed. Give this man more time and he might even believe his difference is an affliction of sorts – a character flaw…that is a pithy summary of how one goes about killing a good very thing!

That is HOW, a man will begin to dismantle the very person he was meant to be ALL in the name of trying to be someone who he’s NEVER meant to be – in perhaps the same way one tears away at a thing till it’s really just the sum of all it’s useless parts…and eventually that man who is different from all other men just turns into yet another robot which resembles other faceless robots in that glob of humanity where everyone is exactly like everyone else.

That is why whenever I see people who are different….I sit quietly beside them and move only very slowly…I don’t say a word and at times it may take days, weeks and even months…but eventually, they all look up and smile…maybe that’s their way of saying. Thank you for appreciating my difference. Thank you for seeing it as a beautiful and not a shameful and ugly thing. Thank you for encouraging me to be who I always want to be.

I guess what I am try to say is we all need to make an effort to be kind and considerate to people who may be different from us…..not just to shut them out of our lives or dismiss them as crazies and deviants just because we don’t either have the intelligence or breadth of experience to wrap our heads around the idea of what are they doing or even how people who are different can contribute and possibly save people and planet…..killing differences by insisting on sameness is not the way to seek out beauty in this world. Yes, often beauty needs to be encouraged, nourished and coaxed out, but when it stands before you…you know it’s worth the effort.

I’ve always wanted to be with the land. Even in the moment of my youth when adults ask me, what do you want to be when you grow up? I will show them a colorful picture of the man from Del Monte that I once tore out from a magazine….most of the time, they manage only a very weak smile followed by….no land how to be farmer?…but I give them the same answer again after they ask me the same question. Usually they get angry with me when I don’t change my answer.

You see sometimes it’s really like that when you are just different….you just have to be intensely proud of your right to be different – to even insist that you’re not hurting anyone, but you have every right as a member of the human species to live your life under your own terms and not just to live it so as to make fulfill the expectations of others…who usually want you to be like everyone else – and where possible hold on very tightly to who you want to be and never ever let go, even if no one wants to talk or play with you.

Not even when they give you strange looks. Not even when mother’s scold their children for mixing with you….that is the first valuable lesson I learnt very early on in life….how to be totally comfortable all by myself…and with that one suddenly realizes one has wings and can fly!…it all begins there and then – that’s the point of inception, when one is able to come to terms with the idea, it’s OK to be different from other people…it’s OK that I or you don’t ever see the point of living our life or chasing after the things most people crave for – that’s just another way of saying, I rather do my own thing and go my own way and I don’t ever expect anything from you…..but it’s hard not to like me these days….as now that I’ve grown up, my manners are really quite impeccable….only never forget, I am most definitely yours truly, always very different!’

Emotional security

March 29, 2016

When we ask the simple question, WHERE should we begin if we genuinely want to make the world a better place? Most people will tell you, this MUST begin by changing this or that…they are always looking outside to change something.

That is understandable.

As I used to have that same belief – to make the world a better place, one must stand taller and not slouch….one has to speak in a forceful tone etc etc.

But these days. I believe otherwise….real and meaningful change can only start from deep within the self…this is what I have learnt from years of living deep in the jungle in total and complete isolation….these days I realize real and meaningful change can only come from a mind that has complete mastery over itself – and such a mind has to be first emotionally very secure….only then can that goodness work itself out from the man into the broader world.

The seed must first be planted in man….


‘In work, life and play one has to always be on the look out for people who are gentle, soft spoken and extremely comfortable in their own skin…..ideally these people should be your role models and teachers and NOT me…I ONLY heading there (that could well explain why I still write the things I do in this blog), experience informs me these are usually the people who have arrived, that is to say from a scale of one to ten…their emotional security is close to a nine or maybe even a perfect ten.

That is why they don’t ever need to show off….they don’t need to prove anything at all to anyone….they are just the way they are…they’re not even seeking for understanding or acceptance from others…it’s as if these people have their own psychological and emotional ecology.

That is understandable. As the pressure to prove oneself is never there when one has arrived…I am NOT talking about happy complacency…rather it’s like the fabled swordsman who can face off against ten warriors and still come out without a scratch…such an accomplished swordsman will NEVER be very enthusiastic about fighting…as he can already see the before, during and after of the outcome in his head….there is no mystery. Nothing to prove to the world even.

ONLY bear in mind, these are also the same people who are very diligent when it comes to investing in their emotional security. The higher a man’s emotional quotient, the calmer he becomes and the more attractive he can only become…and the converse is true as well….again all this is very natural.

We have all seen this time and again – people who don’t ever bother to invest wisely in their emotional security.

I see this in girls all the time – a girl from 18 to 30 always mistakenly believes life can only be like that all the time. One day she looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly it hits her like a freight train – beauty has departed…it’s bye bye, soon her world comes crashing down bc she is emotionally bankrupt…there is no back up….nothing whatsoever to fall back on except maybe all the junk she has accumulated all these years that even the Salvation Army will frown on – as thru the years she has not bothered with the business of building up her emotional security…all she has done is to live off the credit of her diminishing beauty and now that it’s gone…she has lost everything…it’s downhill all the way!

The same goes for a man, he goes around doing this and that so that others will give him nods of approval instead of investing in emotional wealth and one day when he loses his job or his car gets repossessed – he can’t take the fall from commanding heights and decides to end it all..again this is due to an abject failure to invest wisely in emotional wealth.

When one is emotionally secure, it simply means one is a very good investor…one knows what is real from fake….one knows what will pay out dividends in the long term from what can only be a complete waste of money and time and opportunity cost – one does not do stupid things like invest in things that can NEVER GROW FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH WITH THE PASSING OF TIME!

Never! You will never ever see serious men doing all this nonsense and should these serious men see their woman indulging in such nonsense, they will ALL have absolutely no hesitation telling are dragging me down with your nonsensical indulgence…you are holding me back! Please stop! If you cannot do that…go! The serious man is very clear! That is why even the idea of a mate is highly optional to this quality of man.

So you will never see the mature man wasting his time or money on flashy cars or flaunting his wealth on trivial pursuits or to use all those other nonsense to feed one’s deluded emotional insecurity….the mature mind is always whisper quiet about money, status and prestige….in certain cases to the exceptionally emotionally secure man those things may even be optional to the point of being unnecessary….above all for one to aspire to be a true gentleman…a man must absolutely be a master over the self…that is the defining difference between the riffraff and the gentleman….the former is fundamentally a bag of nerves and insecurities pulling and pushing in one thousand and one directions, while the gentleman is like a calm mirrored lake, it’s full of purposeful energy and power.’

I finally realize. After all these years. There will always be a secret part of me, that I can never ever hope to share with anyone else, if I want to continue living a ‘normal’ life…as firstly, they will never be able to come to terms with who I really am – or even why there’s always a lingering awkwardness about me that they believe must have been brought forth by prolonged periods of isolation in the jungle.

No! They will never really know….they must never know!

No one will know. As I do an excellent job of hiding who I am…every morning before I walk out into the world. I scrub the wild off me with a wire brush…I am diligent and meticulous and when it’s done, I am clean like a whistle – very few people can see thru the creature behind the mask of the man….none in fact…my disguise is complete…..they might sense something amiss, especially women…as since they are especially sensitive to needs and wants at a primal level. But without such a thing as a handle to hold that thought…that is really where it all begins and ends…no further….just a hint…a mere suggestion like a whispering rush and soon the feeling passes.

Even when I am in the city surrounded by so many people….all I can ever seem to do is harbor a deep yearning to return back to the jungle….that is where I really want to be, to just sit on my rattan chair and be in the company of the birds, trees and dogs.

No one knows about this yearning I carry like a open wound in my heart – all they really see is a polished well educated country gentleman with impeccable old world manners …absolutely no one can make out that I am wild.

How can they?


‘Yesterday as I walked the city. I was suddenly aware of a pack of wild city dogs training their eyes on me furtively across the road. I could tell from the strange look in their eyes….they were all under some powerful hypnotic spell. As if they had suddenly stumbled across a strange ancient language that had the power to disturb…a language written in alphabets they could neither read nor understand – it must have all been very strange for those dogs and that degree of strangeness can really only speak the length of one sentence –

‘How did one of us become one of them!

‘Where’s your tail? Do you like coil it around your waist and lick it so that it sticks or do you just stuff it all into that suit and hope that it doesn’t pop out? What happened to your fur and long ears! Another asked as if thinking aloud, look he’s even wearing shoes….I bet he can drive as well and not just stick his head out of a window and hang his tongue out like a flycatcher…I bet you all the mother of all Dino bone’s he can’t even remember what Alpo taste like any longer? Where’s your pack?….Would you like to join our gang?

I looked down hoping that they would all stop staring at me and just move on…but they stayed right there burning me like laser beams with their searching eyes… When I looked up I flashed them all a menacing look – go away! I told them with my eyes…please go away…I am on a secret mission in the city…all of you will give me away….obey me! Go away!

They laughed mockingly at me…..Obey me! Did you all hear that! Obeeeeeeeeeeey meeeeeeeeeee! One of them, the leader with a broad white streak running the length of his back stood ramrod with his head held high as if asking – teach us how to do what you do! The rest shouted him down, ‘don’t be stupid, can’t you see he’s damaged goods….he’s trapped in a human body…I bet he even takes a crap regularly in a toilet…he’s cursed!…how the hell did you mess yourself up so completely that you don’t even have a tail any longer! Either you have no respect for yourself or you fucked up big time blood! It’s so fucking painful to see one of our own stuck with four paws over there in concrete…you’re hurting our eyes blood!’

I narrowed my eyes and flared my nostrils, this time snarling, ‘Go away!’

They backed off a bit…..

But when I continued my walk, they followed me thru the faceless sea of men furtively from time to time looking at each other….it’s a vampire thing…an unspoken code in the wild…that one should always look out for the other, we are one happy family that kinda of thing…all the while the lingering taste of the wild clung to the back of my throat…..only they could sense it so very clearly that I don’t belong here.’


I see myself exactly like a soldier whenever I am in the city….it’s always only about the mission. As I don’t ever want to stay here longer than I have to – usually I much prefer to structure it as an in and out affair….but to pull that off efficiently without any drag whatsoever requires not only skill but discipline and preparation as well….one has to learn how to cut deals without the unnecessary downtime of having to go back to rework mistakes or getting tripped up unnecessarily.

Just a few rules you need to know and always keep at the back of your brain….everyone is going to look you up and down and sideways and up your ass in the business world….I know you don’t like it. I realize you even consider that an invasion of your privacy – or maybe you don’t think that’s fair. As you much prefer them to show appreciation for how you and only you can blow bubbles with spit. But that’s how the rules of the game is played….so make sure you’re dressed to kill!

Make sure when you walk into that room…everyone goes wow! Blown away……shoes….that’s where 99 out of a 100 men screw right up….they pay the least attention to the one thing that everyone pretends not see, but they all only see…..make sure it’s sharp, so polished that you can see your mirror image…

Keep the ties conservative….nothing too flashy. The cue is class….only the highest quality will do.

Then walk into that conference room deliver your presentation bang, bang and bang style…by the time you have finished…they’re all dead…no one standing except you and walk right out into the faceless sea of men.


‘If you lose a business opportunity bc the next guy pitched better or had a five chili business plan – then I say, brush off the dust and try again!

But if you lose it! All because you were a right mess and when you talk about efficiency and effectiveness and being the best in the world – all that people can see is a totally confused person who doesn’t seem to take pride in either himself or what he’s doing – or you lose because your table manners gave you away as a slob!

Or people are so distracted by how far someone can go in life wearing only crappy and dirty shoes…or a shirt that looks like it’s baked rather than ironed.

Then I say, stop! Don’t brush off the dust! Stop! Stay seated…stay exactly where you are – don’t ever get up! Don’t! As this way, you will not fall down like a bowling pin ever again!’

Concert in the city

March 27, 2016

I know you all think I am like you….but I am half man, half wild. I am not of your world…do you hear me!

I can hear a solitary finch three mikes away…sense the nitrogen rich approach of the monsoon. I can even sense the faint electricity in the air before a thunderstorm…I am aware of a thousand things in the city that most people are blissfully unaware of…how the air conditioned atmosphere feels like breathing needles…the strange sensation of ice against my lips and how it looks in a steel bowl…. The slight perfidy in a man’s voice. A wavering moment of hesitation in a woman’s voice when she says…perhaps. I can even tell whether a woman is menstruating from just the way she looks at me – I tell you….I am not from your world at all.

Do you all hear me!

Last evening a man thumped on the bonnet of my car in traffic….as I looked on..I asked myself what sort of judgement call would that be!

Doesn’t this fool realize I am not from his world…I may look as if I am cut from the same cloth as him…but in truth….there’s too much of the wild in me that no one can ever make out…. And if this man had known how that dark side of me would always have no hesitation in pulling back his head and slitting his throat as I look on with curiosity as he drowns in his own blood….he would have just stayed right in his seat in his locked car…how terrible it is to have these evil thoughts going thru my head in the city….I want to return back to my lovely jungle….I can taste the wildness at the back of throat…it says come back home my dearest…you don’t belong with them…

I don’t belong here….I don’t!… I only look as if I do…and appearances can so often be deceptively dangerous.’


March 24, 2016

For the last six months. I have made friends with all the puppeteers and traveling show troupe in the kampung….I have even been a scriptwriter who has written a play about the 100 year drought.

Recently the evil consortium that has been set up specifically to stop me from buying land has been cracked wide open…there is division amongst them….many fear the good times have gone and they are throwing in the towel.

Two days ago…..I received a message that there is a parcel of land for sale….I will strike like cobra.

Very very hot

March 23, 2016

Cycled only 20 km. Felt more like 100 km in the full blast of the afternoon sun.

In the village where I turn the wheel of life. There used to be a naughty boy who everyone despised. This boy used to steal, drink, fib and experiment with drugs all the time. One night kampung legend has it – the naughty boy ventured into the lands of the devil himself to steal fruit – he was pinned down with a well aimed arrow to his sleeves and a bayonet was placed across his throat. As the creature from that other unmentionable world mulled whether to send him to the other side. Though no one in the village knows for certain – what actually transpired between the naughty boy and devil that fateful night.

All can agree without too much fuss – the following day, when the boy came down the hill, he changed completely…gone were his wayward ways. And soon the man emerged forth from the boy, who everybody called super donkey. There are many different accounts how this man managed to get this nickname…but all agree one reason why he’s associated with a dumb animal is partly because this man always seems to be working…when asked why he works twelve hours a day 365 days a year – he would usually mutter some nonsense like, ‘I don’t have much time left…he knows where I live! He will come for me if I do not fulfill my part of the bargain….he will!’

Super donkey is the hardest working man around a two hundred mike radius. He saves every penny and lives with his parents. It seems the only thing that interest him these days – is to collect brochures of tractors, excavators and farming hardware – whenever I visit the city, super donkey will always remind me to bring back the sales brochures of the latest heavy machinery which he files carefully and lovingly and appreciates during the evenings.

Two years ago super donkey put a down payment on a second hand jalopy of a tractor – for years he worked twelve hours a day, 365 days without even so much as a days rest and within a short time – he managed to buy a new tractor and soon it grew into fleet of tractors.

Till today no one knows what transpired between the devil and the naughty boy on that moonless fateful night.


‘Never be in a rush to take in all of the world. Never! And should you come across people who seem only spend their money recklessly on trivial pursuits – my advice to you is to run away from these confused people as fast as your legs can take you!

Because not only have they got the wrong end of the stick. But it’s conceivable if you follow their stupid and frivolous ways – you too will end up going absolutely nowhere in life as well.

I can almost guarantee it 100%!

As in life, to live well….one needs to get the fundamentals right from the very beginning. Get that part right and the rest of life will sort itself out….neglect it, lose your focus or be distracted and you will end up wandering in small and big circles forever!

As I said, there is NEVER any rush to take in all of the world in one bite…the Eiffel Tower is not going to rust to dust…the leaning tower of Pisa is not going to come crashing down into a pile of rubble and as for the Grand Canyon, there are no plans to turn it to a landfill – so it will all STILL be there for you to appreciate later on in life.

But the best thing about delaying the experience of the finer things in life is you will have the maturity, wisdom and experience to appreciate it much more then….and surely that by every definition has to be priceless.’

For so many years mankind has been socially conditioned to believe in the nonsensical idea for his life to improve…he must constantly pry open his brain and pour in new information all the time.

That is why if you look around in bookstores and libraries…there is enough self improvement books to stack up all the way to the moon and back again…..but tell me – is mankind closer to discovering the truth that will set him free?

The answer to that question has to be a resolute no.

In my years of seclusion in the jungle all by myself – I have spent many years reflecting deeply on this ONE question and my conclusion is as follows – the salvation of mankind does reside in learning more new things that he previously did not know.

Rather it may very well be found in the simple act of UNLEARNING so much of the nonsense that we have already accumulated in our heads like a junkyard.

It is all this nonsense of a mother of all messes that is already in man’s head – that is really holding back mankind and preventing him from reaching his full potential!


‘Have you all noticed in this crazy world that we live in. Everyone is ALWAYS telling you – you need this to go further…or that to go faster….they are always trying to pry your brain open to pour in something new, improved and better.

No one it seems is very interested in unlearning many of the nonsense that has managed to encrust themselves like barnacles to one’s thinking.

You want to know why?

Because unlearning means they cannot sell you something that you do not already have in between your ears. To put it bluntly, the philosophy of unlearning is a pretty lousy business proposition. As since it cannot possibly make money at all….no one ever bothers with it…except perhaps only me.

As since I am against the idea of associating any of my philosophy concerning life with the very idea of money….the subject of unlearning makes perfect sense to me.

Many people have in the past have approached me with the idea of writing a book….but since they do so with only money in mind. I have told them quite plainly this runs counter to my beliefs and I will not do it!

Others have even suggested that I start a foundation – but again since only money seems to be their primary motivation.

Again I have told this misguided people….I will not do that either!

So what is the purpose ultimately? What is the point of all this?

To me the goal is to come, share and disappear completely from the face of this planet…it is to leave absolutely nothing of the man behind…no legacy….no great stories….no image even…..absolutely nothing.

As when I reflect deeply on this subject….I believe if it is all done right, then whatever that is of value will ONLY live on in minds of others and even that is not something that I will ever dare say belongs to me…never…so there is just nothingness ultimately and that is the way it should rightly be.

I think when one understands the philosophy of unlearning better – all this will make perfect sense….as it supplies a life changing insight. For the time being…it can really only confound and confuse.’

The beauty of calmness

March 22, 2016

If a man is fortunate to be blessed with a magnificent carriage and refined features, but he does not exude calmness from deep within…then the end result can only be ugliness.

In the same way, if woman is blessed with a graceful form and perfect bone structure, but she is not able to exude calmness from deep within….then the end result can only be ugliness as well.

True beauty can only emerge from deep within a person and what makes all this possible is the power of calmness.


‘Calmness is the most memorable and outstanding feature in a man and woman.

When I reflect back on the people who had the highest impact on me, they have ALL been without a single exception very very calm souls – and that should not be unusual. Not at all – as it is ONLY when one is calm that one is able to demonstrate total and complete control over the self and this enables one step into the lives of others effortlessly.

One must understand the self is by nature elementally restless…it’s always like a mischievous monkey – so the opposite state of mind can only inspire confidence, respect and trust in others…even when they’re drinking…the demeanor of a calm mind is always on an even keel. Even when they should be angry and flustered…they appear like a very still and silent panther. Nothing it seems can ever ruffle the feathers of a calm mind.

When a man is the opposite of calm – then he can only inspire mistrust, nervousness and anxiety in others. Not only that, charlatans and confidence tricksters will seek him out…quite naturally, they will take to harry him….this is the way of the world.

As since this poor fellow has no centre to speak of, no solid bedrock on which character can sit on and his emotional state is always in a perpetual flux….he can always be gamed right to the hilt!

Such a man is not only very ugly to the eye, but he is also a very inferior man and should you be unlucky to be associated with such a character…only grief can come out of it!

That is why if you are not a very handsome humpback like myself or not a very beautiful lady – I seriously encourage you to cultivate a calm disposition when managing yourself and others.

Practice calmness daily, make it your FIRST priority, TILL it becomes second nature and soon it will be your ONLY state of being!

As calmness like boredom, sleepiness and all other human states of mind is very contagious and can very easily be passed on to others…just like perhaps anger, frustration and nervousness as well. So when a bag of nerves talks to you, he or she will suddenly be filled with calmness and clarity. Such is the power of calmness.

Whenever I visit the city, it’s not unusual for well heeled ladies to approach me out of the blue – as they find my calmness to be a very attractive feature and that again is only very natural…as since city folk are by nature always rushing, jerky and stressed out like silent movie actors…they can only instinctively turn off others without them even realizing it. As they are always doing stupid things like eating chicken rice on the go while trying to SMS at the same time….hence they can only exude ugliness.

Whereas. There are many times when I knocked on the gates of lush houses since I am allergic to the death rays of the city and as soon as the lady of the house sees me. She will at first be very surprised…only for me to tell her in a calm voice, you have absolutely no reason to fear…You have my word I am a gentleman and I only wish to sit quietly in your garden. Please it is truly a matter of life and death…with these words uttered in perfect calmness usually I am shown the highest level of courtesy, respect and dignity benefitting a gentleman.

There has never been a single case when I have been turned out or refused entry….as although many people in the city may consider me queer, but they do so affectionately in the way they regard very cute and adorable things….that is the power of calmness.

Research and study this well.’

As a farmer I have never experienced the full wrath of El Niño before. So this is my first time….and it is very painful to walk around my lands in the knowledge that some of my dear friends – my beloved palms will not make it…..even should they manage to slip thru the eye of the needle…the damage would be so severe that I would probably have to cut them down.

The mathematics of necessity is very clear to me. As since I am a man of considerable education….I know only too well, what will happen in the coming months. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the ground will crack and the roots will be shredded into ribbons – nothing can prevent this from happening. The trees will begin to shut down….that is their Dao, when survival is threatened. So there will be no fruit this whole year and whatever little yield there is will probably be shrunken and the very opposite of a bountiful harvest.

But at least I know – what is El Niño and what it is firsthand.

I have finally come face to face with my nemesis….indeed it’s very humbling.

Life is cruel!


‘I learn from only the best in the world! That has always been my learning philosophy – I am not asking you to agree with the ideology or the methods of the Jew, that is your prerogative…your own private affair…but in my book…there is much wisdom to be gleaned from the Jew when it comes to how to manage oneself and others in the face of adversity.

I cannot confirm or deny this…and it’s best that it remains just a third hand account.

But it’s conceivable that I might have been there when it all happened. Then again that might just be the creative license a story teller would have very little hesitation assuming….either case…allow me to share this story with all of you.

A homemade rocket had just taken out the front section of a provision store just across the hotel. Soon the ambulances arrived. The injured were loaded up and in while the entire neighborhood pours out to clean up the debris…everyone…from the oldest to the children were calm and sombre, but they are all very purposeful – as if they were all under the same spell of quiet determination – as if they all know, if so much as one person cracks, the magic spell will be broken there and then.

This is a very impressive display of maturity in the face of adversity, as it illustrates poignantly how with the sheer power of collective determination – it is possible for life to go on normally even under extreme conditions of war …within the hour, the street is cleaned up and the bombed out section is boarded up and life proceeds as if nothing had ever happened….it’s just another day.

There are many life lessons here, first and foremost is idea that while pain may well be inevitable, suffering is definitely optional. The other being, it’s never the case of what has happened. Rather it’s how one can best pick up the pieces and muster the courage to continue the best one can.

From that one snippet of daily life in Tel Aviv, the perceptive observer is left with absolutely no doubt whatsoever – that it’s conceivable only the Jews have successfully managed to elevate the art of survival to the upper reaches of a theoretical science. Either that or, the Jews are just unfuckable!

Many valuable life lessons can be drawn out of this daily diorama of life….many life lessons.’

To be creative…to me simply means one remains ALWAYS curious about life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance the experience of living – you want to bring a little more color and zest into your life, a little more poetry and music into it, a little more of not just watching life go by like a bus….rather to feel the wind against your hair…that is what to be creative means to me.


‘We seldom ever direct our powers of creativity to relationships…we don’t mind being creative about what dress or shirt to wear. We may even be very creative about new ideas to make more money or to enhance our prestige and status…But very rarely do we ever invest the time or energy to think serious about how to direct our powers of creativity to enhance the quality of our relationships.

As a result many of our relationships just die a natural death as a result of neglect – you can see this all around you. Couples who are together, yet a million miles apart and the only thing that connects them is a faint and distant memory of what used to be. It’s unlikely any of them can even recall with any degree of clarity what once filled them with such verve and enthusiasm for each other.

It’s gone!

That’s because they have allowed their relationship to die….in perhaps the same way as a man has neglected to water his potted plants.

But if we always make a conscious to remain curious about others and ourselves – then, the relationship can only be constantly nourished and refreshed with enthusiasm and energy – then new things can only come into our lives…then we can only experience new emotionally peaks and valleys – to be able to always experience the feeling of freshness that nourishes relationships.

There is an old farmer who I am familiar with who only seems to find fault with his son all the time…it is like his favorite pastime…to beat the shit out the boy – nothing the boy does is ever right it seems…one day when the farmer complained to me about his son again. I mixed some herbicide and asked him whether I could perhaps pour this on one of his favorite fruit trees in his orchard. The old man looked perplexed and exclaimed, ‘that is poison you bloody fool!…if you do that my trees will be done for!’

I then told the old man quite plainly – that is exactly what YOU are doing to your own flesh and blood!

That is to say, there is a right and wrong way to correct people’s faults…but why be so unimaginative as to always choose the MOST hurtful way all the time? Doesn’t that demonstrate a complete lack of imagination and creativity to problem solving?

The old farmer reflected deeply on my words and after a while, he said to me….yes, I have been doing this for so many years that unbeknown to me, it has become part of my daily ritual so much so that I don’t even think about it deeply any longer …until just then when you shocked the death out of me by holding the poison over my favorite fruit trees….how selfish I am to live only for myself all these years – thereafter he proceeded to wail like a old woman and smack his head with his slippers….all the while pleading with me, ‘what shall I do! Tell me please!’

I simply told the old man….maybe it is time for you to live creatively…please from now onwards make the effort to live for someone else beside YOU!

Calmness and Drought

March 21, 2016

Nothing is more frightening to a farmer than the prospects of a prolonged drought. That very idea…as seemingly small and distant as it may be…is the sum of all the farmer’s fears.

In such tiring times. One must simply try to remain so very calm. As since many people will begin to lose their heads and run around like headless chickens, but the calm man who stands so very still like the nothingness in the eye of the storm stands the best chance of emerging out whole and complete…as for the others, they will perish.


What is strength?

March 21, 2016

Real personal strength can only be defined as complete mastery over the self.

Everything else is just an optional add on.


‘In the human understanding of the alpha male. He is usually type casted as an egomaniac who is narcissistic, emotionally insensitive and goal driven even if he rubs others the wrong way.

I don’t believe that imagery is necessarily correct. Not at all. As since I spend a lot of time around animals in the wild – I have first hand special insight into this subject.

From what I am able to observe. Alpha males are incredibly emotional sensitive. They have to be, to enable them to seek buy in from the entire tribe and pack and to recruit everyone weak and strong into a common goal – they are also very fair as well. That’s to say, they have a very acute sense of justice and again this is needed to maintain their legitimacy to lead. As leadership without justice will simply lead to mistrust, infighting and chaos. Above all, alpha males have a high level of personal dignity in the way they conduct themselves – they always lead from the front. They are the first into battle.

Humans whenever they get their hands on a bit of power…usually, many can’t handle it maturely – very often in 99 out of 100, it goes straight to their heads faster than 40% proof alcohol…only to end up corroding every aspect of goodness – where they end up throwing their weight around recklessly and hurting everyone who is unfortunate enough to be around them – worse part is, they wonder why intelligent people seldom ever see the need to respect and listen to what they have to say…and should you tell these conceited people, there is room for further improvement…they throw a tantrum like a spoilt child.

Humans are consistently selfish, manipulative, ruthless and devious in the way they choose to regard others – there is very little of any value that I have learnt from humans…if anything, it is learning NOT to do what they regularly do that supplies any learning outcome of value – that is why I believe at the rate mankind is destroying everything around him….it’s really only a matter of time before we will engineer himself inexorably into extinction.

However if the world is ruled by canines….life I am sure will be happier, less stressful and more peaceful.’

The way of the Samurai

March 18, 2016

“There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.”

Intelligence without understanding is like a ship stranded in the dessert….it is quite a useless thing.

But if intelligence and understanding can go hand in hand…then one can only be a very beautiful person.


‘There are many intelligent men out there in the world. But there are very few men who can use their intelligence to understand things and people for what they really are and not what others say they are….the difference is very subtle.

Most of the time one doesn’t even notice it. As the world has successfully managed to condition the modern mind to only seek out intelligence and unfortunately it stops right there and goes no further….but what use is intelligence if it is not gainfully applied in the way one may use the right tools to get a job done?

For a thing to acquire the value of utility – one needs to understand the nature of a tool. Only then can it be used with skill and dexterity….only then can value be released.

Give a chisel and mallet to a man who doesn’t have a firm understanding of how to shape marble into a work of art and all you would end up with is a mountain of worthless chips. In the same way when an intelligent man is not able to apply his mind purposefully and in a correct manner, then it’s doubtful that he will ever amount to very much in life….he will just end up going round and round in big and small circles.

Understanding is what gives intelligence purpose, direction and meaning.

But understanding is not intelligence. Intelligence may well be part of understanding…but let us be very clear…understanding can never come under intelligence.

As true understanding can only come from experiencing the full hemispheres of things and to allow it pass thru one like light – whenever I advise people to experience as much of the world as possible. Everyone thinks that I am encouraging them to hop on a plane and take in as much of the sights and sounds of the world as they can manage to squeeze into the heads….but I think some of these people miss the point. As to understand things with intelligence…one doesn’t really have to go anywhere at all…as it all starts from going within by journeying into the self with a curious mind of an explorer – no one if you ever notice ever talks about exploring themselves…they are always snapping picture of beaches and colorful streets. But they never seem to approach themselves with the same excitement and curious awe that they seem to lavish on what the world may offer them – and I happen to think that is why they miss out on not only the whole point of life, but also the opportunity to understand themselves better.

As when we speak about true understanding…it must always begin with the self…only then can it work it’s way out into the larger world beyond us.’

So proceed slowly and carefully…drink a lot of water and where possible stay beneath the cool of the shade…don’t over stretch yourself.

A while back ago. I came across a kamikaze couple who both asked me whether I would like to help them to erect a fence line across their land. At first I wanted to tell this gung-ho couple, since it has hardly rained at all and it’s been so hot of late – the ground has been baked and it has become as hard as concrete.

However experience informs me…usually it’s better to allow people to find out the hard way. Besides they both came across as such super enthusiastic eager beavers and it just didn’t seem right to abruptly pour cold water over the idea.

When the day came, both man and wife proceeded out into the scorching heat to drives wooden piles into the ground – hardly had they completed three piles…they were both so exhausted that they could do no more.

As both of them sat beside me in the shade like two grilled beet roots …I drew the attention of the man and woman to how everything has slowed down because it’s really so hot these days – that even the trees have stopped fruiting completely. As for the squirrels and all the animals, they too seem to be quite inactive as well…it’s as if whole of mother nature has put up a sign that says, ‘taking a nap, please do not disturb!’

That was when the man turned to me and asked, I thought you came here to help us….I merely replied…it’s true. I am here to offer help by respectfully asking both of you to stop this madness and reconsider erecting the fence only when the rains come and the soil is soft.

The greatest help that one can give to another in this world is wisdom.


‘Everything in this world has its own natural doesn’t matter what that thing is…my point if you remain very still and simply observe and see with your heart instead of your eyes…you too can begin to sense this invisible tempo all around you….anyone can do this!

Everything that is part of world has a natural rhythm – could well be the morning ritual of a man during his first hour after he wakes up….could even be the rhythm of how things are done in a firm…even the rhythm of how a man with no legs hobbles along…or the pace of how a group of people usually discuss issues and arrive at a consensus….my point is everything if you care to observe very carefully in this world has it’s own natural rhythm….and if you want to get the best results, try not to go against this natural pace and tempo. As this way of doing things didn’t just come about haphazardly – usually it’s a product of evolution that’s conceived for one to coexist in perfect harmony with what people need to do to best garner peace of mind, serenity along with creating the best atmosphere to enable them to perform well.

So never disrupt the rhythm of others by going either too fast or slow…try always to fall in step. Make the effort.

A wise man always goes with the flow….if it’s the dry season…he slows right down to a crawl. There is no shame in switching off…no guilt even in taking an afternoon nap or staying longer than one usually does before hitting the field for another day of work.

Be sensitive to the rhythm of all things – practice this daily.

During a conversation…be mindful of the pace of how words and sentences are formed. Observe how your tone and speed of pronouncing words is coloring the whole mood of the conversation. Observe! You will notice for the very first time in your life when you do just this and very little else – most people are not having a REAL conversation at all! They are just thinking aloud…it’s really just a monologue, not a dialogue…observe…. They keep interrupting…they always want to talk and seldom ever direct their attention to listening deeply. They’re always trying so hard to sell themselves and what they believe in and not so very interested to seek to understand what is really before them.

It is only when one is sensitive to the rhythm of the world and the universe that one is truly present in the moment.

Research and study this well.’

The emotionally secure man has absolutely no hang up’s about paying another man a compliment…none whatsoever.

Observe! Open your eyes! And you will see it for yourself…

That is because he’s a billionaire when it comes to emotional wealth….and that should not come as a great surprise. Not at all. As emotionally stable people are very good and far sighted investors when it comes to their emotional security…that is why they are very secure, mature and can always be counted to apply themselves intelligently to virtually every situation without ever malfunctioning.

The insecure man however will always find it difficult to impossible to give another man a compliment….remember something can never come out from nothing! That’s because he’s emotionally bankrupt. He’s in the red zone – that’s to say this man doesn’t know the wisdom of how to accumulate and grow his emotional wealth – as a consequence of his emotional poverty, his own insecurity so often gets the better of him. To put it another way, his over inflated ego is ALWAYS holding him back. So usually the insecure man can only be stingy with compliments and if you observe very carefully…open you eyes! Look around you….you will notice this inferior man will always talk bad about other men who are better than him…as the bankrupt can never give…all he can really do is take, take and take…


‘When I use the word ‘man,’ it’s gender interchangeable. As this applies to men and women equally! Understand this….at every level of life, it’s not so different from playing a computer game. You need to develop certain life skills, these are the super powers that will allow you to go from level 1 and beyond – if you don’t take this study seriously, then you are living your life on automatic mode – one day comes, it ends and another unfurls and so on and so forth and you’re just taken along like driftwood floating around the seven seas forever….life repeats itself mindlessly.

Only understand….a life that is absent from serious thinking can ONLY be frivolous, inconsequential and it’s unlikely to amount to anything significant.

So you always need to invest in the things that matters most – now usually when I say this. Everyone thinks ONLY about money! No one it seems ever considers emotional wealth – they are always talking ONLY about financial liberty.

But I want to ask of you – is it possible for one to be financially independent without being emotionally secure FIRST? Let me rephrase the question, do you need to be mentally and physically in top form before climbing Everest?

BEAR IN MIND, WHEN A MAN IS EMOTIONALLY INSECURE. HE IS LIKE A STUNTED BONSAI! Everything about this man is very small minded and petty. He is the God of small! This man can never see the bigger picture in life. He is like one of those people who is standing so close to the painting that they don’t even know what it’s all about…to the small and petty mind, the larger picture of life will always be a bloody mystery!

So don’t for one moment think this is an optional life skill! Because if you observe very carefully – small and petty minded people can never empathize. Never! Their emotional range of experience is so shallow that they are just slightly better than psychopaths! And if you cannot empathize, then that is just another way of saying you are blind…at least the blind man goes about his business in the world with a walking stick. But you are blind and worse of all you think, you can see!

Not only that! As when one is not able to empathize – then forget about the other aspects of emotional wellness! Like being a pillar of support to others…being able to bring out the best in others…providing relief etc etc.

Forget it! It’s a waste of time to talk about these other things when one doesn’t even have the A,B and C’s right!

That is the real tragedy when a man does not ever see the need to grow his emotional wealth….again observe….look around your own family and friends. As this is not a fuzzy abstraction that I am talking about…it’s very real!

When a man is poor emotionally. He can never learn from other men – his ego will always get in the way! If he sees another man succeeding, he will try his best to pull him down by talking bad behind his back. He will fault find. Or worse still, just pretend he didn’t see or hear about his success…there are many men like this.

But the worse aspect of an emotional bankrupt is this man is NOT in a position to give…the severity of his lack ensures that he can only take, take and take…so if his tongue is sharp like knife, that is HIS form of taking! He is cutting another with the power of words to feed the God of his ego. With this people one is always feeling tired, exhausted and beaten up! As they take, take, take and take!

Whereas with the emotionally wealthy man one can only emerge feeling like a new improved man…fully energized and completely ready to go! That is only natural…as the emotionally rich man does NOT need to take from others to make himself feel better – his tongue does not need to be like a razor…as he doesn’t feel the pressure to serve up blood offerings to his ego God! So he is a natural giver! A river of blessing to other men!

Please think about it….as there are many times when I have just given you all the answer….just like that. But on this occasion – I think, it’s best to just leave two dots and you go figure out how they might both connect….it’s better this way, I reckon…as somewhere along the long journey to answer this question, you will find yourself having to answer many other questions along the way…enjoy!’

This morning in kopitiam (village coffee shop). I overheard a group of men wondering aloud….he doesn’t seem to come here any longer…I can hardly remember when was the last time he came….it seems, he is around, but he doesn’t come any longer.

When one of these men asked me whether I know WHY the man who used to come has disappeared completely from sight – I merely said,

‘When he used to come down here. All of you used to talk bad behind his back. When the harvest was good and this man donated generously to the school and temple….not a single one of you ever went up to him to even say, ‘thank you.’

Instead you continued to pick faults with him and some of you were even so calculating that it must have left a very bitter taste on this man’s tongue.

So now he doesn’t come any longer….and all of you should not be so surprised WHY?

Some people leave a trail of destruction wherever they go….you can see it so clearly in the history of their lives…it’s always littered with broken relationships, grudges, mistrust, enmity and so much pain.

Other people leave nothing whatsoever…again you can see it so clearly in the history of their lives….it’s as if they were not even there….I call these people the invisible men. As to me whether they are there or not hardly ever matters. It’s as thought they have fashioned their entire existence merely to be like props and set pieces in a movie.

Then there are those who will always leave a lasting memory of warmth, brotherhood and homeliness…again one see the many smiles in their lives along with the sound of laughter.


‘Have you noticed. It is not very difficult to be right. Not at all. All you have to do is spend some time reading and memorizing a few lines that no one has ever thought about, only to regurgitate it out like a parrot later on. Not difficult at all.

Neither is it very difficult to point out the faults of others as well – not difficult at all! All one has to do is open the mouth and set it on automatic mode – thereafter the daggers will come out flying out fast and furious like red hot bullets from a machine gun….not very difficult.

But have you noticed how difficult it is to bring a smile to someone who is sad and lost? Have you noticed how incredibly difficult it is to give a ray of hope to someone who doesn’t have the strength to believe any longer….Yes…that is not easy. Not at all. As usually this requires the highest quality and quantity of patience, understanding, intelligence and imagination.’