Round and round we go again…

March 3, 2016

“When the school’s counsellor called Benjamin’s mother at 4.13pm, he merely informed her that the school had a meeting, and Benjamin will be excluded from the camp. Before the mother can ask any further questions, (he hung up),” Mr Lim said. “(In) the entire conversation … there were no questions asked about (Benjamin) at all … zero questions about (his) well-being.”

Well…we can certainly draw many conclusions here…everything ranging from whether Parliament should be leased out as another food court or that this circus show would not have happened had information being released in a timely manner….but one thing we all will have very little problem disagreeing on is – up to now all attempts to supply a credible account of what transpired raises more questions than it answers….

In the age of the great negotiator always expect to go round and round….best to standby two extra strong Panadol just in case.

Why can’t things be simple for a change…why?


‘A lesson in ‘practical necessity’ extracted from the Book of Ages.

What does the legal aphorism really mean – it is not enough for justice to be done…it must be seen to be done!’ Now we can use all sorts of handsome words and clever constructs to flesh out the innards of this legal maxim. We might perhaps even dabble in a spot of jurisprudence, ethics and morality to explain what we actually mean like those elegant people in the Imperium.

But here in the trench line of Sardonyx far removed from the finery of Prima Aldentes Prime – we don’t nearly have the luxury of splitting hairs do we? Look around you, we are having this conversation in a rat hole…I know this is just a game. But never ever presume for one moment that I am not vexed by the decision to condemn an innocent man!

As in truth what has transpired here could well be replayed one day should I or you decide to venture into business in the real world….this is very real to me….I want you to always remember that my apprentice.

As what I am about to share with you is as close to reality as you can ever get….to my understanding – when one says justice needs to be seen to be done. It’s nothing more than dressing up something ugly and primitive with tassels and ribbons to make it appear civilized and kosher – as what I am describing is a primal yearning that is as old as mankind itself.

In the old days, a village would load all their fears, anxieties and pent up emotional baggage on a goat. The high priest would mumble something to the effect – begone evil! That laden goat would be led out of the city gates with great pomp and ceremony and as it wanders the unknown of the wilderness – everyone would look on silently clasping their hands in hope from the safety of the parapets and cupolas at this one sacrificial goat that carries all their collective psycho and emotional luggage…at the very moment the goat is devoured by the beast…the very moment when blood is splashed. Everyone would experience a great transcended relief…as if everything they ever feared or once caused them sleepless nights had been banished.

Shortly thereafter the rains would come….the sun would rise from the east….rivers will flow and life would go on as if what was once experienced was merely a ripple in the stream of man’s consciousness. That if you must know my dear apprentice is my interpretation of the aphorism: justice needs to be seen to be done!

To put it bluntly a scape goat needs to be found! Because man being intrinsically and elementally man can never come to terms with the mundane everyday reality sometimes shit just happens! He (man) needs. No sorry. Correction. He (man) has to believe in the idea that if something went terribly wrong, then someone or thing was responsible for that malevolent sequence of events.

So coming back to the point. Did I pervert the course of justice? Yes. Did I arrange the facts so that all blame will fall squarely on the shoulders of (name deleted). Yes.

I had no choice. If I did not do what I did – the boys along the entire trench line stretching from Maritima to the Balsicum Sea would have thrown down their laser guns and put up their hands! Do you have any idea what would happen if we can no longer mine minerals on this rock!

So spare me your condescending sanctimony. I know what I did – you have a right to hate me, but you don’t have the right to judge me!

The imperium doesn’t appreciate that realities we have to face here everyday in Sardonyx – they don’t know how difficult it is to maintain moral and discipline under crushing conditions of resource scarcity. Or even how we are outnumbered twenty to one and all our supply lines have been severed by the Interspacing Guild. Above all they have a very poor appreciation of what is required to motivate man and above all what it takes to palliate his fervent fears or to even nourish hope.

I however, harbor no illusions as to what it takes to win this war against the Aryanians with one hand tied behind my back!

That will be all.’

Prologue: In the reign of Pandishah III. In the age of the leviathan. The Arrullian Protocol that guaranteed the supply of Sardon – the only mineral that made space travel possible by folding space was cut off when an armada of Aryanians invaded the neutral planet Sardonyx and renegade on all treaties.

The war for minerals known as the Ascension Wars II was waged relentlessly in the Planet of Sardonyx between the Aryanians and the Confederation.

In the incident known as the ‘Andulosoa.’ The impenetrable force shield known as the fist of God was breached by the Aryanians. Thereafter they began to advance with great speed across the steepes – when Confederation forces regroup and blunted their advance with a counter attack and pushed them all the way back to the salient in Andulosoa.

To quell rumors amongst Confederation troops along the trench lines that the force shield known as the fist of God was not effective. The entire brigade responsible for manning this wonder weapon were summarily charged for gross dereliction of duty and forced to choose every tenth man who was condemned to march across the minefield in Andulosoa with the commander leading (name deleted).

Thereafter confidence in the wonder weapon known as fist of God was restored and shortly after the Andulosoa incident – Confederation forces overran the Aryanian lines and secured a decisive victory over the space port of Prima Maritima.

Till today no one knows whether the magical impenetrable force shield known as the Fist of God works or even existed at all during the period known as the Ascension Wars. Many claim it never existed at all and was simply an elaborate deception to prevent the Aryanians from staging an attack on the vulnerable stretch of the Andulosoa steppes.

Following the victory over the planet Sardongx. The Imperium declared the decimation of the brigade who manned the fist of God was ultra vires – Darkness was publicly disgraced. The order of purple was disbanded by royal decree.

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