Oil and the Najib factor

March 5, 2016

The political destiny of UMNO, Barisan Nasional and Najib & Co has very little to do with whether the PM of Malaysia embezzled money or not. It has even less to do with what the opposition or other actor such as Mahathir and his clique may or may not do.

It all comes down to ONLY one determinant…one great equalizer…the price of oil in the next two years…if within this period of time.

The price of oil goes up to it’s previous level or manages to stay above the US$70 median range – then Najib et al will sail happily thru the proverbial eye of the needle….with plenty of room to spare. It will be landslide!

However if the price of oil stays well below the median range of US$40…..then it’s game over for Najib and like the Titanic that once struck an iceberg – it can only sink…it’s a mathematical reality.

But if the price of oil hovers between 40 to 70…then it’s 50/50.

Everything comes down to only one factor……the price of OIL.


‘Oil is the biggest curse on humanity. Someone once shared with me, Saudi Arabia has the highest number of motorized wheel chairs per capita – naturally, I thought to myself. There must be plenty of risk takers and war heroes there, but in reality there are so many obese people in the Kingdom, they can no longer walk.

This is what invariably happens when man finds the world’s most easy peasy way to make money – he ceases completely to look for other ways to make two ends come together. Why should he…when all it takes to make it all go and come around happily is to stick a pipe into the ground, give it a few whacks and all the good stuff just flows right out.

Do you see how a blessing can be transformed into a curse? If it’s taken for granted to such an extent that it even makes people complacent, lazy and terminally addicted to their comfort zones.

That is why when people say Singapore has nothing – no land, water, oil etc etc…they may well be technically right, but so very wrong at the same time. As in the very kernel of nothingness, we have everything.

Do you see how paradoxical life can be sometimes?’

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