The art of manliness – security and close protection

March 5, 2016

If anything untoward happens to the woman. YOU WILL BE BLAMED. Understand this! I don’t make the rules of the world. That is how 99 out of a hundred people will see it….as it all occurred during your shift….it’s not a matter of right or wrong…it’s just how THEY will see it.

Security is paramount – as some of the ladies you go out with the evening may well be wearing expensive jewelry, or just by virtue of who they are…they are targets.

From the very beginning you have to make the assumption…she is the principal and you are the close protection agent – your attitude should be to adopt a one to one formation with the woman, who I shall now refer too as the principal – your primary mission is to always remain in close proximity to the principal at all times to shield her from encountering any altercations….if necessary you have to put your life on the line!

Rules to follow:

Line of sight. If possible this should always be 100%. Unbroken. There are only a few exceptions. Toilet breaks. Encounters with friends. The latter is quite easy to handle – make sure the principal is ALWAYS within the security zone.

Once you step into a setting your mind should ALWAYS be scanning for threats. Mark those danger areas in your mind as red and green zones.

For example if she sees a friend and moves away from you, follow her discreetly. Don’t be too obvious…otherwise she will think you’re the Velcro sniveling poodle sort. If possible start a conversation with a group adjacent to her group. Keep them where possible in the center (green zone) of the crowd. Stay away from the periphery (red zone).

During toilet breaks. Be discreet again. As if you get up and follow her – she will think are a closet pervert. What I usually do is wait a while, then follow her, while I hang around outside the ladies….note: women can spend a very long time in the lavatory, it’s like their second home away from home. It can really range anywhere between five to thirty minutes. So be patient and mindful of who goes in and out, keep track of what they bring in as well. When she sees you outside – women being women will just assume you took a dump or piss.

In between the security zone is when you are likely to encounter the highest level of threats. Usually I never trust the chauffeur – he’s the weakest chain in the link.

So if principal came in her car, give the driver the night off – do this by assuming the cover of a playful pretense like a kid swept away by a new toy. Demonstrate your eagerness want to get behind the wheel. Women are very understanding when it comes to men and luxury cars…it will NEVER be perceived as suspicious. Never tell the chauffeur this at the beginning of the must be a surprise. This is important – tell him where you want to go!

Then change it. Most women will never be suspicious…if she insist…you have to be very assertive.

Remember you are now in the most vulnerable zone! The super red zone – if anything is going to happen, it’s here!

So you have to take the lead. Make some excuse up like you have this sudden yearning for that particular sort of food etc etc. Or you just want to share with her a memorable experience that just came mind in a sudden moment of epiphany.

Take your time adjusting the seats, mirrors etc etc. set the principal’s seat back by a full twelve inches. This you can do by playfully playing with the knobs (hopefully she doesn’t play with yours when you are doing all this). Tell her this allows her to stretch her legs fully.

You need this clearance to see clearly and to push her head down in the event of an attack. You don’t want the principal obstructing you when the glass is breached. Disable all airbags. You may need to use the vehicle as a battering ram. Do not be afraid to use the car like a weapon when attacked. Remember your mission is close protection. Money is no object!

Proceed to location driving defensively all the time moving into flush points at regular intervals (circular routes that flush out cars tailing yours). Pretend when you do so, you’re not familiar with the city – the rule of thumb is never drive all the way up to the rear bumper of the car ahead of you when you stop at the traffic light…I always like to keep the car moving at a crawl to remain a moving target and the maximum distance is one car space between the car ahead – this way, in the event of any altercations, I can swing out and get away using the third gear. 0-60 in six seconds flat!

Women can talk to themselves automatically…they r all hardwired that way – so ask her leading questions while you adjust the rest of the ninth tenths of your brain bandwidth on getting to the next location safely.

If anyone bumps you along the way – don’t get out and just drive away. If you see men coming out from the rear mirror, wait till they are out, reverse hard smash their cars and drive full speed ahead.

Park the car yourself. avoid valet service. Choose locations where there is always a line of sight with the parked vehicle at all times. Drive her back home and take a cab back.

Always be so discreet that the principal is not aware of what you are doing or what is in your mind. Usually that’s not too difficult with women.

Keep it very tight, safe and secure!

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