How to eat a snake like a gentleman

March 6, 2016

During the night. My newest addition to my pack of guard dogs…Kutty. A one year old female pup killed a cobra.

This is what working dogs in a plantation are supposed to do – Kutty was fanged by the cobra near the eye…but snakes are very proficient killers. Since it’s a boney part – full release of venom was not possible, so Kutty just got a bitten and it’s unlikely that she has suffered any long term damage.


Look at how smug she looks! Despite the shiner – Kutty looks at me with that Howzat! expression that says it all. I am glad Kutty has finally earned her stripes. As dogs don’t usually take on a cobra and win without considerable training as where to bite and what to do thereafter…judging from the very dead snake, Kutty missed the vitals by a good six inches…perhaps she will do better next time. What’s important to me is she stood her ground and went for the kill!

That makes all the difference in the world.

She is now ready for her next level of training.


‘It takes remarkable patience, hope and sagacity to invest in training a guard dog. As not all will cut the grade! One doesn’t even know after all the effort and time whether it will all pay off handsomely or turn out to be a dud!

It’s not unlike so many of you who now who have to prospect for business opportunities in the Ukraine and the Balkans – one doesn’t really know whether all the investment in the art of manliness series will pay dividends somewhere down the line or simply end up as a great nothing….but at least the effort and dedication one puts into the cause endures…as the motivation is genuinely sincere and good intentioned and noble to increase one’s chances of success…like the game we once played so many years ago….we all don’t need to make it….all it takes to open the draw bridge is for ONE of us to make it to the other side….this man will open the door for the rest of us to follow..for my part, I am glad at least the people who read this series are ALL mature and intelligent enough to understand the strategic importance of this arcanum – as by mastering these keys to powers, it can only confer upon one a competitive advantage in business and building relationships in the land of the white man.

Gentlemen. I may not say this as often as I should…but it has been a privilege to serve with all of you!’

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