The art of manliness – 7 habits of highly ineffective men

March 7, 2016

(1) Beware of women. Never let your guard down with them. Never! As in their world it is really only play, play and play…but in your world everything is purposeful, mission orientated and highly strategic. So if you allow yourself to be sucked into their world of trivial pursuits…game over!

(2) Beware of greed. As greed can make one impulsive and lose sight of the goal. If you observe very carefully every con job is premised ONLY on greed…nothing else but greed – bent pastors solicit donations from greedy worshippers who believe if they give more…they will receive a hundred fold in return…greed…businessmen are often seduced by short term gains as they believe by doing so they can reap higher and immediate returns instead of pursuing the long and sustainable term etc etc…again greed is what powers such self destructive attitudes. Greed is the mother of all ungentlemanly conduct…greed for attention, lust, power, money, prestige, influence, popularity, love, adulation etc etc.

That is why it is virtually impossible to entrap a true gentlemen with greed – do that, he will see your hand like a very experienced poker player!

(3) Do not gamble! If gambling is such a sensible proposition then the business model of casinos and fruit machines would not be so robust – understand this! The house will always win! It’s all written in the law of mathematic probability – so if you have to gamble, then it is better that you set the right expectation and be prepared to make a donation – take ONLY calculated risk!

(4) Never be sharp tongued. This is the highest sin of a gentleman – as it demonstrates the highest level of what it means to be very opposite of thoughtful, considerate and well mannered….if you have nothing good to say, keep quiet. If you find bottling your negative emotions difficult – then seek relief in strenuous activity such as weight lifting or jogging. Look at Donald Trump, he thinks he’s very smart, but he doesn’t realize, the movers and shakers don’t think very much about him or his methods – yes, they may constitute less than 1% of the population, but when one considers all wealth, influence and prestige is also concerntrate only in this small percentage of elites – how much sense does it make to piss them off!

You watch and see what will happen to Mr Trump and his potty mouth! I want to you all to see the power of the invisible hand in action at the last leg of the GOP!

(5) Don’t make promises you cannot keep – your word as gentleman must be as good as a promissory note from the Bank of England! That is the gold standard. If you keep breaking your word or forgetting what you have promised to do. You will eventually lose all credibility and respect and no one will want to have anything to do with you any longer.

(6) Learn to be very very comfortable with the word ‘NO!’ Most people harbor the mistaken belief – a gentleman is a nice guy, so naturally they see this sort of man as easy meat….but when you demonstrate that you have a line and you make it very clear to others if they cross that line there will be consequences…there will be a prompt follow up..then as time goes by these people can only come to the understanding that you stand for certain values, beliefs and principles and that you are unfuckable! Hence by saying No! You say yes many other good things that may otherwise never have come your way!

(7) Strive ALWAYS to be independent. Learn to do things by yourself! A hallmark of a real gentlemen is that he is a highly versatile, adaptable and knowledgable person – a man of all seasons who is just as comfortable sitting in an exclusive private booth in the Opera or jumping out of an airplane at 9,000 feet. So learn to be comfortable with the idea of doing things by yourself – don’t always rely on others! Learn to how to maintain your air con, fix your bicycle, car or anything that should work but doesn’t, cook, shop for groceries, wash and iron your clothes, remove stubborn stains, clean up your room, organize your monthly expenses….the more independent you become….the more control you will find – you have over your life.

The more you outsource these life responsibilities to others…the less control you will have over your life!

If you find it challenging to be emotionally independent – I strongly recommend that you go buy a dog…as canines are very good listeners and they are ultra low maintenance!

Study and research the seven habits of the rise and fall of a gentleman.

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