The man with the Down syndrome kid

March 7, 2016

Today while cycling. I came across a farmer who is always accompanied by his Down syndrome kid whenever he works his lands. We were talking about other things. Mid way into the conversation, this farmer intimated to me something very private…he told me, I do not know why God has cursed me with this half wit child.

I asked him. Who said you are cursed? The sad man replied, everyone…..everyone….everyone says so…..they say my karma is lousy….others say, I must have done something very wrong to be punished in this life in such a terrible way.

I told the very sad man, please try not to see it as a curse…..and I told him quite frankly, the only curse that has befallen you – is….you listen and believe these people whose tongues are like knives. These are the most dangerous category of holy folk as since they regularly embellish holy scriptures to inflict suffering on others – they are truly the living personification of the devil himself.

At least the devil has the courtesy to wear horns and doesn’t bother with the business of hiding his tail! But these conceited folk who hide behind the patina of goodness while they throw out sharp knives…..they are one million times worse than the devil reincarnate…as such malevolent and evil people can only turn your entire world upside down and give you endless grief!

Truth is – your child is a great guru (teacher). He is the skeleton key that will enable you to open the magic door to wisdom and a higher plane of human consciousness – he will teach you the value of patience, open mindedness and how to be more forgiving to the faults of others and this I am sure will enable you to bless the rest of humanity….the beneficiaries will be your wife, children, relatives and friends. So please try to see this as an opportunity to live a purpose driven life…..I went on stress to this man…while it may seem pain is inevitable, but with wisdom suffering is definitely optional – as for other people who have it easy…they never once saw the need to cultivate these noble qualities and so they are really a curse to all humanity. As by just the mere act of living and breathing…they are a source of constant grief to mankind. That is why the very moment they open their Chee Bai mouth one thousand daggers come flying out….thereafter the farmer laughed and said to me, ‘yes maybe you are right….I never saw it that way at all…he has indeed changed my entire outlook about life….things that used to bother me…now seem so trivial and insignificant..and I must say I am a much more patient and loving husband, father and as you mentioned better friend because of my son….you are so right! He is indeed a blessing.


‘If you do not have the ability or inclination to give relief to others – my advice is very simple – remain quiet…do absolutely nothing…just breathe and to move around as little as possible. Because if you think about it. You are really only passing thur here once. That is right. That’s to say in life you come and ultimately you, I and everyone else you know will have to go – so we are really just a travellers in transit.

Don’t think tomorrow will be like yesterday even if everything in your life remains exactly the same….it is not the same!

You are not listening to me…you are traveling – you are getting older, time has passed and you are one day closer to your final destination. So nothing is ever the same! You are just passing thru – and as a traveller, if you cannot make things better, then you should at least have the consideration not to make it worse.

I once knew a man who whenever he visits me – we will work together while we talk. He is an old man who has passed on. Life was not easy for me in the very beginning. As I faced strong opposition from a group of landowners who were literally out to fix me! So very few people dared to speak to me….except maybe this old man….who didn’t know better.

One day when I saw his son struggling to build a bridge the wrong way. I stopped, sketched out a rough plan. Got the people to come in and construct it. Supervised everything and got it all done at a very reasonable price. When the man asked me, why are you doing all this for me…I don’t even know who you are!

I said to him there are so many good memories that I have of your father….the mood is very soft, caring and brotherly.

In the same way there are some people who I do not want to ever see or even be with…never….if possible. As they are the source of constant reminder of pain, suffering and loss and it’s best that I just avoid them. Because I know myself very well. I don’t want to ever do anything that I will regret only to end up in death row and with men like me that is not a theoretical possibility. So with these people the mood is always tense, guarded and ready for war!

And one day even if they have all gone to the other side – that same shadow of pain, suffering and loss will cast a very long and dark shadow on their children.

Do you see how what goes around always comes around?

It is like an ever spinning wheel.

That is why I always tell others…please travel well. By this I mean, be thoughtful and where possible offer relief to your fellow travelers……as when you think about it, the journey of life is not a very long one….so the least you can do is try to enjoy it by reminding yourself to always be a nice person.’

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