The art of manliness – learn how to cook

March 8, 2016

There is no spectacle that is more appealing on the face of this planet, than a man in the act of cooking.

This man is exuding pure 100% masculinity in this one act alone – it is not the saccharine eu de cologne variety of manly charisma….where it may be bright in the beginning only to lose it’s fragrance and mystery in just a while followed by boredom.

The attraction here is the heady exotic parfum variety that will make ANY woman weak kneed and lose her bearings – multi layered, concentrated and complex – with endless hues of lasting nuances that just go right on into the night.

As when a man can cook….it says so much about what he stands for….independence…autonomy….fastidiousness…attention to detail….sensitivity…..selfreliance…..creativity….panache….adapability…organizational skills….a steady disposition on how he manages his time and opportunity cost. His entire ethos and philosophy of what it means to be a man is expressed in this one act alone.

That is why when the serious men of this world see another man who can cook – they will look at each other and nod approvingly with that cosy inderism pride….yes, he is certainly one of us…we seem to share the same values and beliefs.

I strongly recommend you put this at the very top of your job application….as this put you on the top drawer category of men – what is your hobby? Cooking!

If you experience difficulty in finding long and lasting relationships…again invite that special person for a dinner where you will cook specially for her.

Beats mountain biking to mountaineering any day in the sexiness quotient scale.

I can almost guarantee it!


‘A gentleman must absolutely learn how to cook. As when one does not know how to cook. One can only end up fat, dumpy and ugly…and when that happens…nothing can ever look spiffy on you..Givenchy, Kenzo, Zegna et al…they all cannot save you….all the white flags have gone up in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, London etc etc… it’s not realistic…as no matter what you put on when you are Rolly Polly…..even if it’s bespoke and crafted from the best materials, it can never avail Humpty Dumpty from being just Humpty Dumpty.

I am so sorry to share with you the brutal facts of life. I hope my tongue was not to sharp. But try to understand where I am coming from…..I am genuinely serious about your well being! However, one must understand realities. As even if Michelangelo is denied fine Italian marble and only able to work with clay – he will just be a great flower pot artisan.

That is because in my opinion – food that is regularly consume ‘outside’ is whipped up with the cheapest and often most harmful ingredients known to mankind….it can only make you fat! – thanks to the profit motive the lousiest produce is regularly passed off as good and wholesome chow.

For example. Many people have boasted to me..they are very healthy…as they are vegetarians.

But when I ask of them, do you know how much herbicide is used to grow leafy vegetables? Do you even know of the safety apparatus one has to wear to dispense these dangerous chemicals. And what of the cooks who regularly prepare this veggie dishes – have they even bothered washing and cleaning the bok chow, carrots and cauliflower thoroughly before it’s chucked into the wok? Do you think they even bother? Or care?

How do I know these things?

I put myself thru university as a cook in commercial kitchens….I speak in the capacity of a subject matter expert who has inner circle insights – so I can assure you all…eating out is always a risky proposition. As since one cannot really be assured of the quality of produce that goes into whipping up that dish even if it all taste wonderful….one can only end up fat. Besides I can cook better than most of what is served outside.

That is why if you observe very carefully – people who eat out are ALL fat and ALL of them experience great difficulty in managing their weight….one month they look slim…the next they look like Jabba the Hut…and it goes on and on like transformer. And they are always struggling…always fighting a losing the battle against the bulge.

But if a gentleman learns to cook. Then he can assured the best ingredients – the best oils, meat and veggies. They will all be lovingly processed with the utmost care and attention to detail….and it will all show in his excellent shape and form when he slips into his Weston’s and wears his suit….it is 5% only body fat….the 007 gold standard. Even if the gentleman is wearing a gunny sack from NTUC, he will look bespoke lah!

As it’s quite impossible to go out of shape when only good stuff goes into your body all the time….and the best part is you can eat a lot without ever going fat.

The best part is the gentleman is able to save money to start his own business and make better use of his time. As contrary to urban legend eating out doesn’t save you time or money…..not at all – it only seems that way – as when one can cook, a man doesn’t have to deal with the complications of cracking his brain where to eat, driving out, searching for car park, jostling the crowd, standing in line, waiting for food, worrying whether food court king rat drowned in the soup pot etc etc….I used to prepare my own lunch box everyday and chow in the office, it saved me so much money and I always had a surplus of time. In my current workplace – I do the same….life just becomes very simple and beautiful and very organized, when a man knows how to cook….and don’t worry I hold your hand and guide you into this valuable life skill!’

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