The Sultan of Style

March 8, 2016

Who is the most well dressed man in the whole wide world? Is he an Englishman? Nope. Might he be a French gentleman? Non. I have given the matter considerable effort of deep reflection thru the years – in my studied opinion it is none other than this sartorially splendid gentleman who I have great pleasure in introducing to all of you.

Learn only from the best in the world!


‘When it comes to personal grooming, dress IQ and style…I am fully conscious of my limits. I can perhaps take you to maybe level 6…but no higher. Further than that and we all be wearing oxygen mask and space suits.

Like I said I know where it all begins and ends for me…and I am not in the habit of pretending to be someone who I am not – what I can do….I tell you I can do…what I cannot do…I will do likewise and tell you as well.

Having said that I do know of a blog that can open many doors for you in your education to strive to be a real gentleman.

The Sultan of style’s arcanum on gentleman’s fashion goes beyond the superficial knowledge that I possess concerning the art of how to dress, behave and come across as a gentleman….nothing comes close to the sultan of style in terms of consistency, depth and range of knowledge which he shares in the many photos of his daily dress ensemble.

Please take the trouble to study very carefully and meticulously the detailing of how to put together a world class ensemble.

To the best of my knowledge, no one in this whole world can even come near to this gentleman – in terms of impeccable taste, sheer breadth and range of styling métier, appreciation of tailoring detailing and the rituals of how to dress and come across like a perfect gentleman.

Many world leaders, presidents, prime ministers, head of states along with captains of industry regularly visit the Sultan of style’s blog to share his rare pearls of wisdom on how to dress and behave like a gentleman.

He is a real gentleman…the real Mc Coy…the diamond standard, not someone like me who is still stuck at level 6 and going round and round…so please keep this information to yourself and never divulge this to others unless you know them well.

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