Weaving evil spells

March 9, 2016

Today a man came to me and lamented….my household is in disarray. No one gets along…they are always fighting. The same holds true for my business. No one gets along as well….they are always fighting.

The man pleaded for my response…I simply told him, I encourage you to weave good instead of evil spells. Do this!… and you will see that they will all soon get along and all the fighting will stop.

We are our own Gods…we can make our life on this planet heaven or hell….it’s all in our hands!…it’s always been right the palm of our hands!


‘When we speak bad of others behind their back. All we are really doing is reinforcing a negative image….casting it in stone. To put it another way, all we are indulging in is weaving an evil spell. Even if you don’t believe in black magic. You cannot deny when this is done regularly with zeal – the end is exactly the same.

That is what is so tragic about it!

As what the human mind can conceive and believe in, it will fashion into reality and sadly it becomes the only reality….so when siblings fight, disrespect and mistrust each other in a family, the root cause can usually be found in the head of the household who usually has nothing good to say about any of his children…observe this….look and you will see…he will go to child A and tell him quite openly that his brother or sister is like this or that and so on and so forth…and by merely the act of thinking aloud…doing this alone, this conceited man becomes the God of schism who sows the seeds of discord – the same holds true for businesses as well….I have seen this time and again…… if the employees of a firm are always at each other necks all the time and the work setting is riven with constant intrigue and politics to such an extent none of them can even set aside their differences to work together – usually it’s because the CEO has been talking bad about one employee in front of another and in this way…again he has fashioned himself as the God of schism and division!

That is why I always tell others who are genuinely serious about seeking relief from worldly suffering – where possible ALWAYS strive to always see the good in others.

Seek out their positive points rather than their faults!

This way instead of weaving evil spells that can only come back and bite us in the ass in one hundred and one ways. We will receive a multitude of blessings …for example I have a harvester who does not seem very smart. At times when I say to him, I will see you at three tomorrow, he will appear at my gate at three in the morning (even my Doberman’s all pengsan as they look on dumbfounded) only for this man to ask of me, ‘farmer why have you asked me to come at this unearthly hour…do we need to bury a dead body?’ Only for me to have to tell this man – Go back to bed! I mean three in the afternoon!

On another occasion he stupidly tried to check for a gas leak with a lighted match and nearly blew both of us up! I had no eyebrows for nearly six months and had to resort to using a black marker to fill in the blanks.

And on another occasion I was electrocuted for a full five minutes (that could well explain why I write about the things I do in this blog) – as he wired the lights the other way around despite giving him clear instructions.

But despite the many faults of this worker. He has a very good character – he is very honest and loyal….and so those characteristics about this man erases all his other faults and the nett result is a very good employee.

On another occasion when a friend who I knew only casually got to know my circle of friends – he commented…your friends they are all so weird ! I sat this fellow down in one corner and told him – you can say my friends are unique…you might perhaps even reconsider them as unconventional. But when you choose to describe them as weird in such a casual manner – I want you to understand, that is a very strong judgment word that has negative connotations concerning the faculties of an individual and if you keep on holding only to this word in your head – then I can almost guarantee you, it will cut off all the rest of the fields of possibilities as to how you may eventually see them – you will come to an end point, where you can only see them all as nothing but weird – this chap thought long and hard about what I said and latter on after a period of deep reflection followed by observation, he drew the conclusion…I think your fiends all have many good and positive qualities that I can emulate to be a better person….as I notice all of them seem to have a very unique and personalized way of seeing the world…they are all not afraid to express themselves in their own unique way..and since they all seem to be doing exceptionally well in life, maybe I was wrong in my judgement….I think they are all very interesting people who I want to get to know better.

Do you see how we fashion our own reality from the way we choose to see others…that is why where possible weave only good and not evil spells!’

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