The return of the haze 2016

March 10, 2016

As I predicted the haze has returned in earnest – fires are raging in Kalimantan and by the looks of it…Riau will be engulfed in flames as well…and once again all attempts to contain this inferno will fail.

That is a mathematical reality.

Where I am located, the weather has been very erratic and continues to defy all attempts of accurate weather prediction – it’s all been a strain on me… flying blind in thick soup!

My last manuring was on the 24th Feb / where I chose to broadcast only potassium in the form of Muriate of potash / even then I had to be very scientific in the dosage of broadcasting fertilizer, at selected areas the quantity ranged between 1kg to 2.5kg – all this had to be done to take stock of lack of precipitation.

Since then 13 days have passed – fortunately the very night fertilizer was broadcasted – it rained. Judging from what remained around the palms – it was a decent rain about 80% of the fertilizer had permeated the top soil. Thereafter, there was no rain for 11 straight days – on the 12 day, we had another round of very good rains…so it seems, my strategy has paid off handsomely…as I have read the weather spot on this time!

But lately, I am not so sure that my luck will hold out – the rain clouds are way too high this time round…they’ve been lifted to the stratosphere by the unusually hot weather that has amplified the thermal effect – that means, they are unlikely to break water along the mountain ranges….they will go over the top and rain will fall elsewhere… is likely to remain hot and very dry here!

Should I risk it and go for another round of manuring?

I don’t have the confidence this time round to roll the dice. I don’t know why….could well be the accumulated fatigue of playing so many rounds of sudden death with Mother Nature this and last year….or maybe I just feel something amiss deep in the marrow of my bones….like some premonition of impending doom. The haze has returned earlier than usual this year – this means the monsoon has been cut short prematurely or the winds have shifted again – and with the onset of the haze and El Niño effect schedule to last till mid June…..all this will just conspire to make my life more difficult this year.


‘When you go thru a rough patch. Don’t wallow. By this I mean – don’t allow it to consume you like quick sand till you lose all of yourself in this depressing black hole. Often when I am down. I take nourishment from the aphorism – while pain may well be inevitable…suffering is certainly optional with wisdom.

I can understand if man really only wants to run away from pain as fast as his legs can take him – I can understand!

But that is only because that sort response to pain is an acquired taste – an attitude brought about by social scripting and conditioning – what I believe is seldom ever discussed is how ONLY in pain and struggle can a man gain maturity, depth of character and wisdom….as pain is a very knowledgable teacher – for one, it forces one to look inwards for answers to many of our questions that vex us no end…the very nature of pain compels us all into a state where we find ourselves marooned in our own skulls. Where often we have no other choice but to pick up the pieces and somehow find the courage to create that psycho emotional confidence to best manage the crushing pressure of loneliness….abandonment and battling the idea of estrangement – no one can possibly understand what they have to go thru….and all that can only layer a man and make him a whole and complete person.

This is why if you notice people who have had it easy all their life – find it almost impossible to empathize and seek emotional oneness with the pain and suffering of others….observe very carefully…many of these people are emotionally stunted…..and that to me is only to expected, as since they are so distanced from the whole idea of loss, struggle and loneliness – it’s simply an abstraction to them….another country…. well beyond their scope of imagination. So their attitude towards those who are experiencing suffering can really only always be callous, distant and very indifferent.

It can be nothing else except this! Something cannot come out from nothing!

And that is just another way of saying these people who have it easy have not cultivated depth of character or for that matter experienced the full range of emotional hemispheres to know a thing for what it is.

I once came across a bankrupt who wandered my lands in contemplation of ending it all – only for me to see him one day standing at a promontory preparing himself for the final jump….I told this fellow, if he jumped from there, he would not die as it is not high enough and I suggested he walk with me to a better location to end it all.

During our long walk, the man shared with me, his wife had run off with another man. As he had failed in his business…my response……good riddance to rubbish! Better she leaves you now than latter. As you are still young and I am sure you can find a V.2 soulmate who is new and improved and offers ten times more home entertainment value!

Then he turned to me and lamented, ‘all my friends have abandoned me…they don’t even pick up my calls…I have no more face.’ Again I told this man….good riddance to rubbish again!

At least now you know who your real friends and just good for nothing blood sucking hanger on’s are!

As for your preoccupation with face…that is your ego talking! It’s not you…now that your ego is shattered…there can be no illusions…only reality and that in my opinion is not such a bad thing! I went on share with this man, I have trying to get a handle on my ego for years in vain and even envied him!

After that he complained that he had lost everything…all his worldly fortunes…to which I said to him, do you have stage three liver cancer? Has the doctor given you only two months to live? Is your name in Interpol’s most wanted list? Do you have to worry constantly every night when you go to bed whether black hawk helicopters will swoop down your yard and commandos with no necks will rappel down to kill you!…No! So what you are going thru is just a minor set back…to put it another way, it’s a process of education that every businessman should go thru at least once in his lifetime… only by going thru this cauldron of pain can one gain humility and further understanding to many of the things that make up a real and complete man.

I even shared with this man – my absolute and firm belief, Harvard Business School should seriously encourage their students to experience bankruptcy at least once in their career – as that experience remains the most reliable way for a man to gain knowledge on how to manage himself and others better ….when we finally reached the spot. The man told me, ‘I no longer want to die any more!’ Naturally I feigned disappointment and frustration….as I wanted to be very sure he would come here any longer.

Many years later after the man had squared off his debts, remarried and started a new and successful enterprise…he told me what I once shared with him was indeed one of the greatest truths in this universe. As he had learnt so much from this ‘set back’ once he put the effort to try to see all his problems in the correct scale and perspective and that it has completely transformed his whole outlook in life, so much so that today he is a wiser, far more patient and caring human being…..always remember while it’s certainly true for one to live in this world…pain may well be unavoidable….but with wisdom …suffering is always optional.’

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