Life has a habit of……

March 11, 2016

Repeating itself mindlessly….unless one makes the conscious effort to be mindful… has a habit of repeating itself mindlessly.


‘I am sure all of you have heard. The sad story of the man who returns from the hunt, only to find his baby’s room in a mess -with the cradle turned upside down and standing right in the middle of this chaos, his dog covered from head to toe in blood….believing the dog has killed his baby…the man draws his sword in a fit of rage and kills the beast…only to discover much later to his horror….the unharmed baby beside a dead cobra in one corner of the room.

Recently in the village a scandal is brewing. For weeks I watched it unfurl like maggots eating into flesh – it involves a respectable man who is seen in the company of a disreputable woman under the following circumstances – his car is always seen usually parked on moonless nights directly outside where this woman stays – in a rented room above a Chinese provision shop. Before day break the man emerges carrying a bag from the premises and resumes his life of respectability….one can certainly draw many conclusions from this. Yes….it certainly looks very bad.

When someone asked me what I thought about all this. I told them all – it’s really none of my bloody business what a man decides to do with his pecker.

But since the scandal is really getting quite out of the hand and besides I happen to know this fellow is as straight as an arrow and believe that if the facts are not suitably set straight for the record, it would certainly bring grief to his wife and children…I decided to share with all of these villagers my own observations.

Firstly I drew all the villagers attention to the architectural detailing that the shop lot where the lady of the night resides is the only building in the whole village which has a flat concrete roof that is accessible via the common stairways.

I told them all, the reason why this man goes there at night, has nothing whatsoever to do with fornication. Rather it has everything to do with his on going fascination with astronomy.

Hence he only goes there during moonless nights not because darkness offers him the best opportunity to cover his tracks.

Rather that’s when stars are clearest and brightest and this allows him to capture still photos thru his hobbyist telescope…..thereafter everyone exclaimed. ‘Oh….I see!’


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