The sinless man

March 12, 2016

Do not be unduly taken in by the pejorative terms holy people like to regularly use on those who may not want anything to do with their faith – ‘non believer’ ‘free thinker’ etc etc

As to say that one does NOT believe in the idea of a God is NOT the same as saying….one believes in absolutely nothing. There is another possibility….that is to say one believes in the idea far more significant than God itself!


‘A sin is just a mistake. And a mistake is just a sin. Both words can be used interchangeably in my considered opinion – so when a man says, he has never sinned before, what he is actually saying is he doesn’t make any mistakes….and my suggestion is to run away as fast as your legs can take you away from this man. Because the only reliable way for man to learn and improve himself is by making mistakes and learning not to make the same mistake again….so when a man says he is sinless….it simply means he has learnt absolutely nothing at all in his lifetime….his memory bank is zero!

I can think of no man who is more dangerous than a man who is sinless… is an accident waiting to happen!’

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