The emotionally wealthy and poor man

March 16, 2016

The emotionally secure man has absolutely no hang up’s about paying another man a compliment…none whatsoever.

Observe! Open your eyes! And you will see it for yourself…

That is because he’s a billionaire when it comes to emotional wealth….and that should not come as a great surprise. Not at all. As emotionally stable people are very good and far sighted investors when it comes to their emotional security…that is why they are very secure, mature and can always be counted to apply themselves intelligently to virtually every situation without ever malfunctioning.

The insecure man however will always find it difficult to impossible to give another man a compliment….remember something can never come out from nothing! That’s because he’s emotionally bankrupt. He’s in the red zone – that’s to say this man doesn’t know the wisdom of how to accumulate and grow his emotional wealth – as a consequence of his emotional poverty, his own insecurity so often gets the better of him. To put it another way, his over inflated ego is ALWAYS holding him back. So usually the insecure man can only be stingy with compliments and if you observe very carefully…open you eyes! Look around you….you will notice this inferior man will always talk bad about other men who are better than him…as the bankrupt can never give…all he can really do is take, take and take…


‘When I use the word ‘man,’ it’s gender interchangeable. As this applies to men and women equally! Understand this….at every level of life, it’s not so different from playing a computer game. You need to develop certain life skills, these are the super powers that will allow you to go from level 1 and beyond – if you don’t take this study seriously, then you are living your life on automatic mode – one day comes, it ends and another unfurls and so on and so forth and you’re just taken along like driftwood floating around the seven seas forever….life repeats itself mindlessly.

Only understand….a life that is absent from serious thinking can ONLY be frivolous, inconsequential and it’s unlikely to amount to anything significant.

So you always need to invest in the things that matters most – now usually when I say this. Everyone thinks ONLY about money! No one it seems ever considers emotional wealth – they are always talking ONLY about financial liberty.

But I want to ask of you – is it possible for one to be financially independent without being emotionally secure FIRST? Let me rephrase the question, do you need to be mentally and physically in top form before climbing Everest?

BEAR IN MIND, WHEN A MAN IS EMOTIONALLY INSECURE. HE IS LIKE A STUNTED BONSAI! Everything about this man is very small minded and petty. He is the God of small! This man can never see the bigger picture in life. He is like one of those people who is standing so close to the painting that they don’t even know what it’s all about…to the small and petty mind, the larger picture of life will always be a bloody mystery!

So don’t for one moment think this is an optional life skill! Because if you observe very carefully – small and petty minded people can never empathize. Never! Their emotional range of experience is so shallow that they are just slightly better than psychopaths! And if you cannot empathize, then that is just another way of saying you are blind…at least the blind man goes about his business in the world with a walking stick. But you are blind and worse of all you think, you can see!

Not only that! As when one is not able to empathize – then forget about the other aspects of emotional wellness! Like being a pillar of support to others…being able to bring out the best in others…providing relief etc etc.

Forget it! It’s a waste of time to talk about these other things when one doesn’t even have the A,B and C’s right!

That is the real tragedy when a man does not ever see the need to grow his emotional wealth….again observe….look around your own family and friends. As this is not a fuzzy abstraction that I am talking about…it’s very real!

When a man is poor emotionally. He can never learn from other men – his ego will always get in the way! If he sees another man succeeding, he will try his best to pull him down by talking bad behind his back. He will fault find. Or worse still, just pretend he didn’t see or hear about his success…there are many men like this.

But the worse aspect of an emotional bankrupt is this man is NOT in a position to give…the severity of his lack ensures that he can only take, take and take…so if his tongue is sharp like knife, that is HIS form of taking! He is cutting another with the power of words to feed the God of his ego. With this people one is always feeling tired, exhausted and beaten up! As they take, take, take and take!

Whereas with the emotionally wealthy man one can only emerge feeling like a new improved man…fully energized and completely ready to go! That is only natural…as the emotionally rich man does NOT need to take from others to make himself feel better – his tongue does not need to be like a razor…as he doesn’t feel the pressure to serve up blood offerings to his ego God! So he is a natural giver! A river of blessing to other men!

Please think about it….as there are many times when I have just given you all the answer….just like that. But on this occasion – I think, it’s best to just leave two dots and you go figure out how they might both connect….it’s better this way, I reckon…as somewhere along the long journey to answer this question, you will find yourself having to answer many other questions along the way…enjoy!’

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