The importance of leaving a place better than it was

March 16, 2016

This morning in kopitiam (village coffee shop). I overheard a group of men wondering aloud….he doesn’t seem to come here any longer…I can hardly remember when was the last time he came….it seems, he is around, but he doesn’t come any longer.

When one of these men asked me whether I know WHY the man who used to come has disappeared completely from sight – I merely said,

‘When he used to come down here. All of you used to talk bad behind his back. When the harvest was good and this man donated generously to the school and temple….not a single one of you ever went up to him to even say, ‘thank you.’

Instead you continued to pick faults with him and some of you were even so calculating that it must have left a very bitter taste on this man’s tongue.

So now he doesn’t come any longer….and all of you should not be so surprised WHY?

Some people leave a trail of destruction wherever they go….you can see it so clearly in the history of their lives…it’s always littered with broken relationships, grudges, mistrust, enmity and so much pain.

Other people leave nothing whatsoever…again you can see it so clearly in the history of their lives….it’s as if they were not even there….I call these people the invisible men. As to me whether they are there or not hardly ever matters. It’s as thought they have fashioned their entire existence merely to be like props and set pieces in a movie.

Then there are those who will always leave a lasting memory of warmth, brotherhood and homeliness…again one see the many smiles in their lives along with the sound of laughter.


‘Have you noticed. It is not very difficult to be right. Not at all. All you have to do is spend some time reading and memorizing a few lines that no one has ever thought about, only to regurgitate it out like a parrot later on. Not difficult at all.

Neither is it very difficult to point out the faults of others as well – not difficult at all! All one has to do is open the mouth and set it on automatic mode – thereafter the daggers will come out flying out fast and furious like red hot bullets from a machine gun….not very difficult.

But have you noticed how difficult it is to bring a smile to someone who is sad and lost? Have you noticed how incredibly difficult it is to give a ray of hope to someone who doesn’t have the strength to believe any longer….Yes…that is not easy. Not at all. As usually this requires the highest quality and quantity of patience, understanding, intelligence and imagination.’

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