It’s very hot these days….

March 17, 2016

So proceed slowly and carefully…drink a lot of water and where possible stay beneath the cool of the shade…don’t over stretch yourself.

A while back ago. I came across a kamikaze couple who both asked me whether I would like to help them to erect a fence line across their land. At first I wanted to tell this gung-ho couple, since it has hardly rained at all and it’s been so hot of late – the ground has been baked and it has become as hard as concrete.

However experience informs me…usually it’s better to allow people to find out the hard way. Besides they both came across as such super enthusiastic eager beavers and it just didn’t seem right to abruptly pour cold water over the idea.

When the day came, both man and wife proceeded out into the scorching heat to drives wooden piles into the ground – hardly had they completed three piles…they were both so exhausted that they could do no more.

As both of them sat beside me in the shade like two grilled beet roots …I drew the attention of the man and woman to how everything has slowed down because it’s really so hot these days – that even the trees have stopped fruiting completely. As for the squirrels and all the animals, they too seem to be quite inactive as well…it’s as if whole of mother nature has put up a sign that says, ‘taking a nap, please do not disturb!’

That was when the man turned to me and asked, I thought you came here to help us….I merely replied…it’s true. I am here to offer help by respectfully asking both of you to stop this madness and reconsider erecting the fence only when the rains come and the soil is soft.

The greatest help that one can give to another in this world is wisdom.


‘Everything in this world has its own natural doesn’t matter what that thing is…my point if you remain very still and simply observe and see with your heart instead of your eyes…you too can begin to sense this invisible tempo all around you….anyone can do this!

Everything that is part of world has a natural rhythm – could well be the morning ritual of a man during his first hour after he wakes up….could even be the rhythm of how things are done in a firm…even the rhythm of how a man with no legs hobbles along…or the pace of how a group of people usually discuss issues and arrive at a consensus….my point is everything if you care to observe very carefully in this world has it’s own natural rhythm….and if you want to get the best results, try not to go against this natural pace and tempo. As this way of doing things didn’t just come about haphazardly – usually it’s a product of evolution that’s conceived for one to coexist in perfect harmony with what people need to do to best garner peace of mind, serenity along with creating the best atmosphere to enable them to perform well.

So never disrupt the rhythm of others by going either too fast or slow…try always to fall in step. Make the effort.

A wise man always goes with the flow….if it’s the dry season…he slows right down to a crawl. There is no shame in switching off…no guilt even in taking an afternoon nap or staying longer than one usually does before hitting the field for another day of work.

Be sensitive to the rhythm of all things – practice this daily.

During a conversation…be mindful of the pace of how words and sentences are formed. Observe how your tone and speed of pronouncing words is coloring the whole mood of the conversation. Observe! You will notice for the very first time in your life when you do just this and very little else – most people are not having a REAL conversation at all! They are just thinking aloud…it’s really just a monologue, not a dialogue…observe…. They keep interrupting…they always want to talk and seldom ever direct their attention to listening deeply. They’re always trying so hard to sell themselves and what they believe in and not so very interested to seek to understand what is really before them.

It is only when one is sensitive to the rhythm of the world and the universe that one is truly present in the moment.

Research and study this well.’

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