One thing that will always be more powerful than intelligence

March 17, 2016

Intelligence without understanding is like a ship stranded in the dessert….it is quite a useless thing.

But if intelligence and understanding can go hand in hand…then one can only be a very beautiful person.


‘There are many intelligent men out there in the world. But there are very few men who can use their intelligence to understand things and people for what they really are and not what others say they are….the difference is very subtle.

Most of the time one doesn’t even notice it. As the world has successfully managed to condition the modern mind to only seek out intelligence and unfortunately it stops right there and goes no further….but what use is intelligence if it is not gainfully applied in the way one may use the right tools to get a job done?

For a thing to acquire the value of utility – one needs to understand the nature of a tool. Only then can it be used with skill and dexterity….only then can value be released.

Give a chisel and mallet to a man who doesn’t have a firm understanding of how to shape marble into a work of art and all you would end up with is a mountain of worthless chips. In the same way when an intelligent man is not able to apply his mind purposefully and in a correct manner, then it’s doubtful that he will ever amount to very much in life….he will just end up going round and round in big and small circles.

Understanding is what gives intelligence purpose, direction and meaning.

But understanding is not intelligence. Intelligence may well be part of understanding…but let us be very clear…understanding can never come under intelligence.

As true understanding can only come from experiencing the full hemispheres of things and to allow it pass thru one like light – whenever I advise people to experience as much of the world as possible. Everyone thinks that I am encouraging them to hop on a plane and take in as much of the sights and sounds of the world as they can manage to squeeze into the heads….but I think some of these people miss the point. As to understand things with intelligence…one doesn’t really have to go anywhere at all…as it all starts from going within by journeying into the self with a curious mind of an explorer – no one if you ever notice ever talks about exploring themselves…they are always snapping picture of beaches and colorful streets. But they never seem to approach themselves with the same excitement and curious awe that they seem to lavish on what the world may offer them – and I happen to think that is why they miss out on not only the whole point of life, but also the opportunity to understand themselves better.

As when we speak about true understanding…it must always begin with the self…only then can it work it’s way out into the larger world beyond us.’

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