What is strength?

March 21, 2016

Real personal strength can only be defined as complete mastery over the self.

Everything else is just an optional add on.


‘In the human understanding of the alpha male. He is usually type casted as an egomaniac who is narcissistic, emotionally insensitive and goal driven even if he rubs others the wrong way.

I don’t believe that imagery is necessarily correct. Not at all. As since I spend a lot of time around animals in the wild – I have first hand special insight into this subject.

From what I am able to observe. Alpha males are incredibly emotional sensitive. They have to be, to enable them to seek buy in from the entire tribe and pack and to recruit everyone weak and strong into a common goal – they are also very fair as well. That’s to say, they have a very acute sense of justice and again this is needed to maintain their legitimacy to lead. As leadership without justice will simply lead to mistrust, infighting and chaos. Above all, alpha males have a high level of personal dignity in the way they conduct themselves – they always lead from the front. They are the first into battle.

Humans whenever they get their hands on a bit of power…usually, many can’t handle it maturely – very often in 99 out of 100, it goes straight to their heads faster than 40% proof alcohol…only to end up corroding every aspect of goodness – where they end up throwing their weight around recklessly and hurting everyone who is unfortunate enough to be around them – worse part is, they wonder why intelligent people seldom ever see the need to respect and listen to what they have to say…and should you tell these conceited people, there is room for further improvement…they throw a tantrum like a spoilt child.

Humans are consistently selfish, manipulative, ruthless and devious in the way they choose to regard others – there is very little of any value that I have learnt from humans…if anything, it is learning NOT to do what they regularly do that supplies any learning outcome of value – that is why I believe at the rate mankind is destroying everything around him….it’s really only a matter of time before we will engineer himself inexorably into extinction.

However if the world is ruled by canines….life I am sure will be happier, less stressful and more peaceful.’

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