The beauty of calmness

March 22, 2016

If a man is fortunate to be blessed with a magnificent carriage and refined features, but he does not exude calmness from deep within…then the end result can only be ugliness.

In the same way, if woman is blessed with a graceful form and perfect bone structure, but she is not able to exude calmness from deep within….then the end result can only be ugliness as well.

True beauty can only emerge from deep within a person and what makes all this possible is the power of calmness.


‘Calmness is the most memorable and outstanding feature in a man and woman.

When I reflect back on the people who had the highest impact on me, they have ALL been without a single exception very very calm souls – and that should not be unusual. Not at all – as it is ONLY when one is calm that one is able to demonstrate total and complete control over the self and this enables one step into the lives of others effortlessly.

One must understand the self is by nature elementally restless…it’s always like a mischievous monkey – so the opposite state of mind can only inspire confidence, respect and trust in others…even when they’re drinking…the demeanor of a calm mind is always on an even keel. Even when they should be angry and flustered…they appear like a very still and silent panther. Nothing it seems can ever ruffle the feathers of a calm mind.

When a man is the opposite of calm – then he can only inspire mistrust, nervousness and anxiety in others. Not only that, charlatans and confidence tricksters will seek him out…quite naturally, they will take to harry him….this is the way of the world.

As since this poor fellow has no centre to speak of, no solid bedrock on which character can sit on and his emotional state is always in a perpetual flux….he can always be gamed right to the hilt!

Such a man is not only very ugly to the eye, but he is also a very inferior man and should you be unlucky to be associated with such a character…only grief can come out of it!

That is why if you are not a very handsome humpback like myself or not a very beautiful lady – I seriously encourage you to cultivate a calm disposition when managing yourself and others.

Practice calmness daily, make it your FIRST priority, TILL it becomes second nature and soon it will be your ONLY state of being!

As calmness like boredom, sleepiness and all other human states of mind is very contagious and can very easily be passed on to others…just like perhaps anger, frustration and nervousness as well. So when a bag of nerves talks to you, he or she will suddenly be filled with calmness and clarity. Such is the power of calmness.

Whenever I visit the city, it’s not unusual for well heeled ladies to approach me out of the blue – as they find my calmness to be a very attractive feature and that again is only very natural…as since city folk are by nature always rushing, jerky and stressed out like silent movie actors…they can only instinctively turn off others without them even realizing it. As they are always doing stupid things like eating chicken rice on the go while trying to SMS at the same time….hence they can only exude ugliness.

Whereas. There are many times when I knocked on the gates of lush houses since I am allergic to the death rays of the city and as soon as the lady of the house sees me. She will at first be very surprised…only for me to tell her in a calm voice, you have absolutely no reason to fear…You have my word I am a gentleman and I only wish to sit quietly in your garden. Please it is truly a matter of life and death…with these words uttered in perfect calmness usually I am shown the highest level of courtesy, respect and dignity benefitting a gentleman.

There has never been a single case when I have been turned out or refused entry….as although many people in the city may consider me queer, but they do so affectionately in the way they regard very cute and adorable things….that is the power of calmness.

Research and study this well.’

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