What it means to be creative

March 22, 2016

To be creative…to me simply means one remains ALWAYS curious about life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance the experience of living – you want to bring a little more color and zest into your life, a little more poetry and music into it, a little more of not just watching life go by like a bus….rather to feel the wind against your hair…that is what to be creative means to me.


‘We seldom ever direct our powers of creativity to relationships…we don’t mind being creative about what dress or shirt to wear. We may even be very creative about new ideas to make more money or to enhance our prestige and status…But very rarely do we ever invest the time or energy to think serious about how to direct our powers of creativity to enhance the quality of our relationships.

As a result many of our relationships just die a natural death as a result of neglect – you can see this all around you. Couples who are together, yet a million miles apart and the only thing that connects them is a faint and distant memory of what used to be. It’s unlikely any of them can even recall with any degree of clarity what once filled them with such verve and enthusiasm for each other.

It’s gone!

That’s because they have allowed their relationship to die….in perhaps the same way as a man has neglected to water his potted plants.

But if we always make a conscious to remain curious about others and ourselves – then, the relationship can only be constantly nourished and refreshed with enthusiasm and energy – then new things can only come into our lives…then we can only experience new emotionally peaks and valleys – to be able to always experience the feeling of freshness that nourishes relationships.

There is an old farmer who I am familiar with who only seems to find fault with his son all the time…it is like his favorite pastime…to beat the shit out the boy – nothing the boy does is ever right it seems…one day when the farmer complained to me about his son again. I mixed some herbicide and asked him whether I could perhaps pour this on one of his favorite fruit trees in his orchard. The old man looked perplexed and exclaimed, ‘that is poison you bloody fool!…if you do that my trees will be done for!’

I then told the old man quite plainly – that is exactly what YOU are doing to your own flesh and blood!

That is to say, there is a right and wrong way to correct people’s faults…but why be so unimaginative as to always choose the MOST hurtful way all the time? Doesn’t that demonstrate a complete lack of imagination and creativity to problem solving?

The old farmer reflected deeply on my words and after a while, he said to me….yes, I have been doing this for so many years that unbeknown to me, it has become part of my daily ritual so much so that I don’t even think about it deeply any longer …until just then when you shocked the death out of me by holding the poison over my favorite fruit trees….how selfish I am to live only for myself all these years – thereafter he proceeded to wail like a old woman and smack his head with his slippers….all the while pleading with me, ‘what shall I do! Tell me please!’

I simply told the old man….maybe it is time for you to live creatively…please from now onwards make the effort to live for someone else beside YOU!

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