The value of being thrifty – the man called donkey

March 23, 2016

In the village where I turn the wheel of life. There used to be a naughty boy who everyone despised. This boy used to steal, drink, fib and experiment with drugs all the time. One night kampung legend has it – the naughty boy ventured into the lands of the devil himself to steal fruit – he was pinned down with a well aimed arrow to his sleeves and a bayonet was placed across his throat. As the creature from that other unmentionable world mulled whether to send him to the other side. Though no one in the village knows for certain – what actually transpired between the naughty boy and devil that fateful night.

All can agree without too much fuss – the following day, when the boy came down the hill, he changed completely…gone were his wayward ways. And soon the man emerged forth from the boy, who everybody called super donkey. There are many different accounts how this man managed to get this nickname…but all agree one reason why he’s associated with a dumb animal is partly because this man always seems to be working…when asked why he works twelve hours a day 365 days a year – he would usually mutter some nonsense like, ‘I don’t have much time left…he knows where I live! He will come for me if I do not fulfill my part of the bargain….he will!’

Super donkey is the hardest working man around a two hundred mike radius. He saves every penny and lives with his parents. It seems the only thing that interest him these days – is to collect brochures of tractors, excavators and farming hardware – whenever I visit the city, super donkey will always remind me to bring back the sales brochures of the latest heavy machinery which he files carefully and lovingly and appreciates during the evenings.

Two years ago super donkey put a down payment on a second hand jalopy of a tractor – for years he worked twelve hours a day, 365 days without even so much as a days rest and within a short time – he managed to buy a new tractor and soon it grew into fleet of tractors.

Till today no one knows what transpired between the devil and the naughty boy on that moonless fateful night.


‘Never be in a rush to take in all of the world. Never! And should you come across people who seem only spend their money recklessly on trivial pursuits – my advice to you is to run away from these confused people as fast as your legs can take you!

Because not only have they got the wrong end of the stick. But it’s conceivable if you follow their stupid and frivolous ways – you too will end up going absolutely nowhere in life as well.

I can almost guarantee it 100%!

As in life, to live well….one needs to get the fundamentals right from the very beginning. Get that part right and the rest of life will sort itself out….neglect it, lose your focus or be distracted and you will end up wandering in small and big circles forever!

As I said, there is NEVER any rush to take in all of the world in one bite…the Eiffel Tower is not going to rust to dust…the leaning tower of Pisa is not going to come crashing down into a pile of rubble and as for the Grand Canyon, there are no plans to turn it to a landfill – so it will all STILL be there for you to appreciate later on in life.

But the best thing about delaying the experience of the finer things in life is you will have the maturity, wisdom and experience to appreciate it much more then….and surely that by every definition has to be priceless.’

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