Concert in the city

March 27, 2016

I know you all think I am like you….but I am half man, half wild. I am not of your world…do you hear me!

I can hear a solitary finch three mikes away…sense the nitrogen rich approach of the monsoon. I can even sense the faint electricity in the air before a thunderstorm…I am aware of a thousand things in the city that most people are blissfully unaware of…how the air conditioned atmosphere feels like breathing needles…the strange sensation of ice against my lips and how it looks in a steel bowl…. The slight perfidy in a man’s voice. A wavering moment of hesitation in a woman’s voice when she says…perhaps. I can even tell whether a woman is menstruating from just the way she looks at me – I tell you….I am not from your world at all.

Do you all hear me!

Last evening a man thumped on the bonnet of my car in traffic….as I looked on..I asked myself what sort of judgement call would that be!

Doesn’t this fool realize I am not from his world…I may look as if I am cut from the same cloth as him…but in truth….there’s too much of the wild in me that no one can ever make out…. And if this man had known how that dark side of me would always have no hesitation in pulling back his head and slitting his throat as I look on with curiosity as he drowns in his own blood….he would have just stayed right in his seat in his locked car…how terrible it is to have these evil thoughts going thru my head in the city….I want to return back to my lovely jungle….I can taste the wildness at the back of throat…it says come back home my dearest…you don’t belong with them…

I don’t belong here….I don’t!… I only look as if I do…and appearances can so often be deceptively dangerous.’

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