Making a first class, first impression in the city

March 28, 2016


I see myself exactly like a soldier whenever I am in the city….it’s always only about the mission. As I don’t ever want to stay here longer than I have to – usually I much prefer to structure it as an in and out affair….but to pull that off efficiently without any drag whatsoever requires not only skill but discipline and preparation as well….one has to learn how to cut deals without the unnecessary downtime of having to go back to rework mistakes or getting tripped up unnecessarily.

Just a few rules you need to know and always keep at the back of your brain….everyone is going to look you up and down and sideways and up your ass in the business world….I know you don’t like it. I realize you even consider that an invasion of your privacy – or maybe you don’t think that’s fair. As you much prefer them to show appreciation for how you and only you can blow bubbles with spit. But that’s how the rules of the game is played….so make sure you’re dressed to kill!

Make sure when you walk into that room…everyone goes wow! Blown away……shoes….that’s where 99 out of a 100 men screw right up….they pay the least attention to the one thing that everyone pretends not see, but they all only see…..make sure it’s sharp, so polished that you can see your mirror image…

Keep the ties conservative….nothing too flashy. The cue is class….only the highest quality will do.

Then walk into that conference room deliver your presentation bang, bang and bang style…by the time you have finished…they’re all dead…no one standing except you and walk right out into the faceless sea of men.


‘If you lose a business opportunity bc the next guy pitched better or had a five chili business plan – then I say, brush off the dust and try again!

But if you lose it! All because you were a right mess and when you talk about efficiency and effectiveness and being the best in the world – all that people can see is a totally confused person who doesn’t seem to take pride in either himself or what he’s doing – or you lose because your table manners gave you away as a slob!

Or people are so distracted by how far someone can go in life wearing only crappy and dirty shoes…or a shirt that looks like it’s baked rather than ironed.

Then I say, stop! Don’t brush off the dust! Stop! Stay seated…stay exactly where you are – don’t ever get up! Don’t! As this way, you will not fall down like a bowling pin ever again!’

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